HairbrainElaine Knapman is a popular hairdresser on Fuerteventura. She lives in Corralejo with her husband Andy, her dog Toby and numerous cats. She writes about social events on the island.





The Christening of Marnie Anne

HairbrainLuckily for Hairbrain Fuertenews managed to outbid both O.K. and Hello magazines to the exclusive rights of attending the Corralejo Society event of the year ! As my exclusive status as hairdresser I was on hand early to ensure everyone at this exclusive party were looking amazing.






Hello again Hello

HairbrainTime flies so fast when one is enjoying oneself and that my excuse for abandoning you all, I bet you all wondered what happened.

Well I have no real reason only I just could not find the time but I am now going to try and entertain you with all that these lucky people who live here get up to, the camera will be looking for a few embarrassing moments So BEWARE !!!




Cakes, Carnival & Fun

Sue and Ann my drinking partners want to be a little more domesticated similar to the Step ford Wives but only for one day !!!

Right I said I will teach you to make FAIRY Cakes, with a little bit of class.


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