Sunnyside Up



So for me it has been a pleasure, it has been a joy, it has been therapy and it has been a personal journey.

But for the moment sadly it is coming to an end.


It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of Fuertenews for the best part of Ten years (yes almost ten years ago I published my first Sunny Side Up – where has that time gone and how I have changed and grown over the years)


 As much as I completely understand the reasons, when I first heard that Penny was ending her tenure at Fuertenews it hit me, it was sad. For all the time I have known Fuertenews it was Mike and Penny. Penny was the face and life of the site while Mike was the driving force behind it, Mike (or Mike the Trike as many new him back at the start) lived and breathed Fuertenews – he was so proud of the site, proud of the readership and so so proud to be a part of the community on the Island. He felt that what he did mattered and what he did was important to the community and readers.

The site is only what it is today because of the partnership that got it there over the last 10 years.

We should all just take a moment to salute to them both for what they gave us.

But things end, things change and things move on – and that is understandable too.

A very wise man once said:

“Everything ends and its always sad – but everything begins again and that’s always happy!”

Since hearing that phrase for the first time, I have adapted that mantra into my life as much as I possibly can.

Good news follows bad, Life follows death, Sun follows rain and day follows night.

And not matter how hard things are, if you hold onto that you might just make it through.

There has never been a night followed by another night, it is always day time next and to quote an old film (but one that is surprisingly important to me) “It can’t rain all the time”.

I was born not long after my grandfather passed away, our daughter was born not long after our father passed away.

“Everything ends and its always sad, but everything begins again and that’s always happy.”

You can not dwell on the past, you can not change the past – you can only look forward to what’s next – so yes I am sad that the site is taking a hiatus between tenures – but I am sure that Fuertenews will be back at some point in some form and be as good if not better than ever (and who knows I may even be back myself!).

It has been an absolute pleasure sharing my thoughts with you all over the last 10 years, sharing moments of my life and the things that I am thinking and feeling.

I wish you all the absolute very best wishes for this Christmas and New Year and really hope that 2019 brings everything that you wish for.

To Penny and Especially to Mike – Thank you for everything

All the very best to everyone – Always Keep Smiling

Sunny Side Up x



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