Sunnyside Up

We’re all busy these days.

We eat half of our meals in cars and the other half on the phone, or at least it seems like it most days. In such a rush not only do we miss the beauty of each day – but we miss the people around us and those short but all important conversations.


Pause for thought:

This week we remember the events of eight years ago (yes, it really was 8 years ago) when the world was shocked by the events of 9/11.

I watched some of the programs this week that were shown in memorial and they were just as shocking as when it first happened. In the most poignant program, they played recordings of telephone calls from those stuck inside the towers.

Hard Work & Luck

Well this week, I was going to write about how important friends are in your life, however at the last minute something great happened and so I thought I would change topic.

This may sound a little like I’m showing off – and maybe I am a little, but hey – if you can’t blow your own trumpet now and again, who will.

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Just a brief thought this week:

I was down in Nottingham last weekend at IKEA, looking for some cheap house bits n bobs.

Right by the entrance was a huge stand containing large golf style umbrellas in the IKEA colours with writing on all the sides, they were really huge, the kind of umbrella that you could easily fit 3 people under. Exactly the kind of umbrella you would like if it was pouring down.

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