Donald Innes is a writer and photographer who lives on Fuerteventura. He writes poems and prose about his experiences here. 

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innesPoliteness had escaped out the door and was sprinting across a field of scepticism toward a rainbow of hope…with little hope. Flames of discontentment were licking ever closer, and just at the moment of contact a shower of sincerity doused the burning aggressor, extinguishing the torment…

The rainbow of hope invited…”climb aboard me politeness, and we can run together from the madness of this decay”

And so it was, and so they did. Forming a union … The rainbow of politeness.

The N.I.E.

The N I E, that interesting number that we foreign people should apply for if we wish to stay for longer than 3 months or wait for it, buy a house or car. , and goodness knows what else…Well that was the deal the last time I clung onto my Passport and struck out valiently for the National Police Office in Puerto Del Rosario.

Back To Buenos Aires….

A few days, and only a few days earlier, I had been puffing on the cigarette of a sun kissed life, while meandering along a dusty back street of my adopted little islands capital holding hands with another opportunity for thought.



A hot Tuesday pm in Rotondas, and strange thoughts caroused and competed with the shoppers and the flies as I sipped coffee while attempting, with my mechanical stumbling Spanish, to read a local daily.            

I was waiting for Jesús.



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