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Ok, so once again Brexit is in the News - saying that when isn't it in the News these days!!!!

So here are a few EU Jokes - remember no offence is meant so don't take it!!!!!!



The UK Breakup??

 An Englishman, Irish man and a Scotsman walked into a bar, they all had to leave because the English guy wanted to!!


Stark Reality:

An ex prime minister and an ex opposition leader walked into a job centre - actually this isn't a joke, its jsut the UK at the moment!


New Prime Minister:

Roy Hodgson has just been made prime minister - Well, he has a fantastic record of leaving Europe swiftly!


David Cameron's Thoughts:

What do you get when you cross Boris Johnson, Lord Ashcroft and Michael Gove? A searing biopic, resignation and the breakup of the country you governed.


The Real Britain Viewpoint:

Britain colonizes half the world and them complains about immigrants!!!!


The Football Joke:

Sterling's value is falling. The British Pound isn't doing too well either!


Final Question:

How many Brits does it take to change a broken lightbulb? None. They just move out of the house.


Keep smiling, see you next week xx

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