They Would Be Terrible If They Weren't My Dads......

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Ah - The Dad Jokes........

As a child you hold your head in your hands shaking, everytime the same old jokes  are rolled out - as a Dad you relish each and every opportunity to run out one of your best jokes and give it as much enthusiasm as the first (and second and third etc) time that you told it. 

This week we have put together some of the best that I was treated to daily - In Loving Memory of a Funny Man and Amazing Dad x x  


Smile for the day -- Amazing Facts




There are some facts that are just unbelievable, some that are just outrageous and some that will just simply make you laugh

 Thanks Jenny for the following few facts from the last category in that list – if these don’t make you laugh today then I don’t think anything will!!!



Wine - you can't have too much of a good thing!

wine 11


Whether you are like Penny and enjoy a nice glass of wine - or you prefer something slightly more Gin like (hold on thats Penny too!)  – this will give you some good laughs.

 Thank you Jenny for this weeks offering, Penny will see you for a glass next time you are over x x


Eat, Drink and Drink and Little More!



A wise man once said “it takes a village to raise a child!” That’s true but, preferably one with many vineyards....

We have all done it, had the odd one too many from time to time. Heres a few smiles on the subject of drinking!

Grab a glass and enjoy





Travelling with a Smile...

fast sign


My sister bet me I couldn't make a car out of spaghetti. U should of saw her face as I drove pasta...............

Well with a starter that good - the rest must be amazing! Have a read and a smile and these clever play on words





Ah Confucius - That wise old man.......

Confucius Sculpture Nanjing


Confucius say...Woman who cooks carrots and pee’s in same pot not very sanitary!

Not sure that all of these can really be attributed to the great guy - however enjoy all the same.

For you Alan this week - hopw you like them!




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