Are you thinking about coming to Fuerteventura for a holiday?

Here are 7 great reasons why you should....

1. Great Beaches: Fuerteventura has some of the best beaches in world and probably the best on the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the best beaches are in Natural Parks so have little or no development on them. Idyllic!

2. Great Climate: Ok so we have rain occasionally, but most of the time it is sunny and warm. The almost constant sea breezes keep you cool on the hottest days, so its rarely uncomfortable. Bring lots of sun tan lotion though, as you can burn easily under this African sun.

3. Great Food: There are lots of great restaurants here, from a number of different cultures; Spanish, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, British, you name it we've got it! Take a look at the restaurant reviews for a tasting of some of these.

4. Great Landscapes: This literally is a desert island, which give the landscapes a huge feeling of space. Apart from the wonderful beaches we have mountains, hidden valleys of palm trees and in the North of the island, you can almost touch Lanzarote.

5. Great activities: Fuerteventura is famous for its water sports, especially surfing, be it on a board, with a sail or hanging off the end of a kite. Or, if you prefer being underwater, there's some great diving. If you're a swinger, there are two golf courses on the island. For the less active, you can visit water parks, go to the the zoo, take a trike tour, go quad biking, go jet ski-ing or laze on a catamaran. Visit the local arts and crafts market or go on one of the many organised tours. You can even pop over to Lanzarote for the day.

6. Great ambience: The local "majoreros" are very friendly and adore it if you try to speak a little Spanish. Like most Spaniards they love a fiesta and you will usually find one going on somewhere on the island. Visit in March and you can enjoy the carnival, a little like Notting Hill, but you don't get crushed by the crowds - where the parting goes on until dawn.

7. Great Night Life: Whether you want to just sit quietly and gaze at the moon on the water or dance the night away, you'll find something here for you. Lots of bars put on live music and you can take part in one of the many quizzes, some more serious than others! If you can't bear to miss your favourite soaps or sports events, don't worry, some bar will be screening them. Take part in some karaoke or sit in a quiet bar and meet some of the locals. Children are welcome in most bars, so the whole family can enjoy themselves together.

All in all, Fuerteventura is a great place to have a great holiday - hope to see you soon!

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