Holiday Tips

We want you to enjoy your holiday on the island, and come back again.
Here are some tips to help you have a good time.
  1. Before you travel get yourself a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This will entitle you to free treatment in the public health system while you are here. Check that the medical centre you visit is a public one as there are many private clinics around who will charge you. Click here to apply for one online (UK only)
  2. Don't waste your time in the queues at the Post Office if you just want stamps for your postcards. Look for signs saying "Se Vende Sellos" in local shops and get them there instead.
  3. The winds can have a chill to them in winter. Windbreaks, about 15e, really help you to sunbathe in comfort.
  4. If you want to fish, take a boat tour as you need a licence to fish from the shore and collecting mussels and razor clams is illegal and heavily monitored.
  5. If you fancy a trip across to Lanzarote, the Armas ferry is cheaper than the Olsen but takes about 10 mins longer.
  6. Some cash machines charge exorbitant prices to take out money on a credit card. Try the next one, it could be half the price. La Caixa is usually free.
  7. The hills look smooth and velvety, but if you are planning a walk you will find them covered in very sharp lava rocks. Wear strong shoes.
  8. The island of Lobos has no shade and only a small cafe, so take lots of water and a hat.
  9. Some of the electrical shops will try to tempt you by saying you are getting a big discount. Check how much you would pay in the UK on the internet first as you will often find it is even cheaper!
  10. The wind on Fuerteventura can makes the strength of the African sun deceptive. Wear sunscreen at all times.
  11. When the wind dies down, the mosquitos come out! Bring some repellent or a plug-in to prevent yourself becoming dinner!

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