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What a charming little village. Many years ago this used to be the islands capital. We were fortunate to choose a good day to visit, 26th June. Locals could be found down on their hands and knees proudly decorating the streets with coloured salts for “Corpus Christi ” Young and old were participating and as you can see the results are amazing.

There is a beautiful little church in the centre of the village. The priest was doing a procession that night around the various streets that had been decorated with pictures made out of coloured salt.

These salt pictures are a way of life in the villages. Often a family will be responsible for their own patch, and all generations will gather to put everything into their special creation.

These beautiful, but fragile, creations are made for special days, 1st communion, special saints or thanksgiving celebrations.


Being a typical village it houses the town hall, a library, several supermarkets, a great souvenir shop and a couple of little bars.

Village life here has much to offer. Great communities, lovely friendly people who welcome the tourists with friendly smiles and hand shakes.

If you want to see village life Antigua is well worth a visit.


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