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A day trip to Lanzarote

LanzaVisiting Lanzarote for the day can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Those of us with an impadriamento (available from the local town hall as proof of residence) can enjoy a subsidised trip on the boat and then drive through the island . Otherwise I recommend going with an organised trip. The price includes the ferry, entrance to all the tourist sites and sometimes lunch as well. They are very good value as the cost of entrance mounts up if you want to see all the beautiful places created by Cesar Manrique throughout the island.

A visit to Cofete

viewOn Saturday June 23rd we drove down South to Cofete to show some friends the astonishing views and the beautiful empty beach there... Only to discover we had arrived at a mini Glastonbury, albeit without the mud! A large number of people had congregated at Cofete to party the weekend away.They were there either to celebrate the the festival of San Juan, the weekend the children all break up from School for the holidays,or for those so inclined, the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.

A visit to Antigua.

What a charming little village. Many years ago this used to be the islands capital. We were fortunate to choose a good day to visit, 26th June. Locals could be found down on their hands and knees proudly decorating the streets with coloured salts for “Corpus Christi ” Young and old were participating and as you can see the results are amazing.

Calm in Costa Calma

BeachCosta Calma, located on the south east coast of Fuerteventura is definitely a very relaxing holiday. You’ll find palm trees everywhere you look. Its beauty comes in the simplicity of the activities, mainly all natural and pretty quiet. Travelling out here will be filled with fine foods, evening walks, and relaxation. You will come back from this holiday feeling truly revitalised.

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