Things you shouldn’t bring home from a holiday

We all love buying souvenirs to remember a great holiday but there are some things we bring back that are damaging, illegal and destined for the bin. One of the big things many of us think about while away on our holiday is what to bring home as a souvenir or as gifts for friends and family.

Research reveals that British holidaymakers could be unknowingly spending up to 10% of their holiday budget on souvenirs that are illegal, environmentally damaging or destined for the bin. A report was undertaken to highlights the simple things people can do on holiday, which can make a difference to both local people and their own travelling experience.


Spotting fake goods

How many times has someone at the market tried to sell you a fancy designer watch that you know is a fake? Many I suspect. And some of you may have actually bought one with the view that at least it will save you some cash.
The counterfeit business is growing rapidly, and as a result, legitimate businesses are suffering. However, if you do decide to buy a fake, you're likely to end up with something of poor quality, or coulfd get you into trouble.

So if you're looking for the real deal, just how do you know whether the product you're buying is a fake or not?


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