Walks on Fuerteventura

Valley of the Palms
Distance 8 km (return) approx. 5 miles
Grade very easy

As we arrive at Ajuy there is a small roundabout at the top of the hill before we drop down to the beach area, we park up at the parking area. We cross the road and pick up the start of the walk opposite our car park and take the track down into the bed of the barranco de Ajuy.

We now take a leisurely walk heading east along the floor of the barranco leaving the beach and the sea behind us.

Although I did this walk on my own I had the funny feeling that I wasn’t alone. After checking my route in front and behind me I then spotted the culprit – perched up on top of the barranco was Billy!!

After approximately 40 minutes we need to look out for a point to leave the floor of the barranco and go a few feet higher up to the “garden” area, which is on the left side of our route. Here you will find the land has been built up to catch and hold any rainwater to create a blanket of grass with the start of the palm trees. As you stop for a few minutes to look around you can compare the height of the barranco wall now with the height of the palm trees.

As we move into the area amongst the trees you find it hard to believe that most of the island is very arid and without vegetation and can now realise why I have nicknamed this as the valley of the Palms. This is a perfect spot for a picnic but please do not leave any litter behind.

As we now leave the main Barranco de Ajuy we cut into the left and pick up a small barranco leading out of the hillside which is Barranco de la Madre de Agua. A sign has been propped up at the bridge which says no swimming. I think someone is having a laugh because there is only a tiny amount of water that leads into the main barranco.

You can pass under the old disused bridge or cut cut round it to come to a rocky area where there is a slow trickle of water that flows down over the rocks. If you have had a hectic day before the walk take some time out to enjoy the area and just listen to the trickle of water, sheer bliss…..

You can now head back to the start point or if you have a bit more time and energy you can walk on further in the main barranco for another 1.5 km until you come to a working farm which could be another suitable pick up point as the farm track joins the FV621 road.

As you look further over in the distance you can see the main road to Pajara the FV 30 as it cuts round the mountain range.


Don;t forget to take plenty of water, sun screen and a hat.