Walks on Fuerteventura

1Its time to get your boots on; Fuerteventura has its own major footpath, the GR131!

This newly marked path begins in Corralejo and runs the length of the island to Morro Jable.




3 At the beginning of each stage there is an interesting and informative trailhead board in three languages, Spanish, English & German.







Here you will also find a prominent, red signpost pointing you to the next destination and the distance to it.






The path is clearly marked by the traditional red and white markers, sometimes on special wooden posts but also on rocks and lampposts.
The 1st stage of the path in Corralejo is somewhat marred by its proximity to popular tourism. This can result in your peace being shattered by groups of quad bikes as they pass you, sometimes covering you in dust. You soon learn not to walk downwind! Don’t let this deter you, as the rest of the stages are quiet, scenic and full of surprises. Walking it this spring we were greeted by friendly locals, saw a profusion of spring flowers, following the winter rains and a wealth of birds and other animals.



In addition to the main GR131 there are other newly signed walks. These are also introduced by red signposts but seem to be marked with green and white, or yellow and white way markers. They have taken us to interesting locations unvisited by the tourists in cars and buses. At the time of writing there do not seem to be any guides or maps for the routes, but we have been told that they are in production!

 In fact, at present, it could be difficult to walk the path in its entirety due to the lack of accommodation on parts of the trail or suitable connecting buses. Hopefully this will soon be addressed as it has been on other Canary Islands. This should not detract from the fact that the Cabildo has done a fantastic job marking the path and they should be congratulated on their new provision for ecotourism.

Get Walking!

Jan & Chris Hopkins

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