Walks on Fuerteventura

xMontanaRoja28480x32029.jpg.pagespeed.ic.xea0ewdNna Some Stunning Photos and a great Story led to this being a hit back in 2008 with over 20,000 people enjoying the shots


Height 314 meters
Duration 5 hours
Grade Fairly easy with the occasional challenge


We start off trying to find a suitable place to park the car as the very busy traffic doesn’t allow you to have a lot of time to choose your spot. Our aim is to head up the north side from the Barranco de las Pilas, so park off the road near this point.

Our view of Red Mountain is seen by everyone who travels along the road from Corralejo to Puerto del Rosario (FV1) and is actually quite misleading as the roadside view gives the impression it is a tapered hill with a flat top. In fact the west side is actually horseshoe shaped.

We now make our way along the north side of the barranco de las Pilas and look out for a suitable point to drop down and cross over the large barranco.


On route you cannot fail to miss the distant view of an area that I have nicknamed “The Sunbathers Beauties”. A good landmark to have as a guide is to follow the track towards the row of pylons and make your way up towards them.

Following the track brings you to the end of a small barranco on your left, the track now splits and you need to take the left fork and climb up.





The row of pylons take a sharp turn to the right after a while and we head over to another small barranco and leave the pylons behind us.


We need to cross this to start our climb up. A suitable place to cross has been marked by a cairn (pile of rocks). We now have a gradual climb up the north face and we can follow a trail of plant life which has formed down the route of a water line down the mountain. As we make our way up to the ridge the path becomes more rocky and our track is now more narrow.





We then arrive at a cross, which can be seen, from the road below. After a quick stop for a photo we continue along the ridge to the trig point which also marks the highest point (314m).

We choose this as an ideal point to have our lunch where we nestled down in a hollow. In the rock face which gives us shelter from the wind, and spend half an hour watching the traffic speed up and down the road below.






What goes up must come down again……. So we start to drop down off the top. We find the way down is more difficult as the loose picon can be slippery underfoot. You will need to zig-zag down gradually and take your time on the rocks. As you look ahead you can see the row of pylons and large barranco as landmarks to make for on your way back.

Before reaching the bottom we come across an inviting ledge for a pose, I mean pause! (not bad for the middle of winter!). Once you are finally down to ground level you drop down into the bed of the barranco and turn right heading east towards the sea.




 Walk along the bed and observe the various layers that have been created by the erosion and the flow of the water. Although it is winter the floor bed is dry, but occasionally we have a few rainy days in the year. We can take a look back at the mountain and admire the distinctive tints of red which give it it’s name. If we follow the barranco to the end it cuts under the road and leads to the sea. This is a preferred way back as you can make your way back to the car without the worry of the traffic.

Life here on the island is a much more relaxed way of life so the timescales on these walks are generous. So how about getting away from the stresses of work and have fun. The countryside is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the great outdoors, and it’s free.