Why Holiday on Fuerteventura

Fellow kitesurfer and Flysurfer team rider Sebastian Bubmann sent us a report about his recent trip to Fuerteventura. Here is what he has to say:

This semester I wrote my last exam on the 28th of March: Material science. One word to describe it: Unnerving! But not enough ... during the Easter-vacations I was still busy working with two of my fellow students on a project with the deadline approaching quickly. The final presentation was to be held in the beginning of May and there was still a ton of work left. No real off time there... Nevertheless I had to do something. Just see the ocean, feel some breeze and sun on my skin ... damn I really had to get out of the city!

I was lucky enough that my phone rang just a day later and Flysurfers team-manager Gun nar Biniasch asked me if I could support him with a little video-project on fuerteventura. I would be gone for a good week and be back just in time to prepare the presentation for the university. Perfect timing!

Unfortunately I came down with a nasty flu-virus only two days later. I did inhalation, used the sinus rinse and dropped any kind of flu-medicine I could find. Well, to be honest I wasn't really feeling like it but nevertheless I got on the plane at 7 am just a few days later. 

A stop on Lanzarote and 6 hours later I finally arrived on the island where Gunnar and his girlfriend picked me up. I could already see from the airplane that it was blowing a gale. There were at least 25 knots of wind and I could see everyone riding their 8m-kites as we drove by Flag Beach. Anyhow there was no possible way I would make it out on the water that day. Instead I crashed in my bed and took a good 10 hours nap, which got me back to shape. 

During my days on Fuerteventura I stayed with Gunnar and his girlfriend in their apartment in Corralejo. Corralejo is a fairly big town in the very north of the island where the ferries to Lanzarote depart. The food is quite cheap even though Corralejo is for the British something like Palma de mallorca is for the Germans. If you find the right places like e.g. "Boardriders" where you can have a massive Argentinian Steak for 12€. There's also a Chinese restaurant that offers an all-you-can-eat buffet for no more than 8€. Along the party district you can hang out in a lot of bars, drink Guinness and play some pool. 

Staying in Corralejo and the surrounding area isn't too expensive. You can calculate with around 50€/day for an apartment. A must-have however is a car. Renting one is alright, a cheap car is around 34€/day. 

The main spot in the North is "Flag Beach" There's a kite- and windsurf-center and tons of space on the open sandy beach to launch and land your kites.

In terms of Kitesurfing Fuerteventura is split. In the North there's Flag Beach and in the South you'll find Sotavento. In Sotavento you'll go ride at the René Egli Center, which is a huge kite- and windsurf-school. The wind is really reliable down there, but also quite gusty coming down the mountains and blowing straight offshore. I was competing there in the worldcup some years ago and it wasn't really my type of spot although the flat water you can find in the lagoon is quite nice. 

In the North you'll have less but usually really steady wind. The North-East-Passat accelerates in between the island "Los Lobos" and the coast of Fuerteventura. That gives you some solid 15 to 20 knots every day the system is working. It's reliable from May to September. 

As mentioned above "Flag Beach" does offer you a lot of space to launch and land your kite but it's no spot for beginners. This is the reason why the kiteschool mainly teaches from the boat. Especially with low-tide the ledge comes out and farther outside there're some big rocks that just wait for your board, a few centimeters below the surface. Good riders will appreciate the solid kicker-waves. When it get's big there can be a powerful shore-break and the waves on the reef can get bigger than on a heavy day at the Northsea, so be prepared for that. 

During my stay I was really, really unlucky with the weather. A low-pressure-system interfered with the Trade Winds and brought us some westerly wind coming along with a lot of rain. Nevertheless there's a cool spot for this wind-direction: Cotillo. You've got to be quite experienced to make it across the shore-break there but as soon as you're out on the sea you'll be rewarded with an amazing view along the cliff line of the northwestern coastline as well as the beautiful fishing harbor of Cotillo. Usually the wind is blowing down some big cliffs there, which makes it turbulent but with west to southwest you'll find steady winds. 

Even though the weather was really bad compared to the last times I was happy to be in the ocean and kite! I managed to learn a few tricks and we could shoot some footage. I can recommend Fuerteventura, especially the North of the island to everyone who is already capable of riding upwind. You'll find a - most of the time - really reliable wind-system, amazing blue and glassy water as well as good waves when there's a swell rolling in. 

You can get there from Germany fairly cheap. Most of the bigger charter-airline like Air Berlin, TUI or Condor do fly there frequently from airports all over Germany. Since they usually stop over on one of the other Canary Islands it takes longer to get there than one might think. My outward flight took about six hours via Lanzarote. My return flight however only took around 4 hours since the plane already came from Lanzarote and brought me right back to Munich. In total I paid around 400€ for my tickets. Extra kitesurf-luggage with Condor is 25€ per direction.

Beginning of the year, it's still cold in Europe, my advice: Fuerteventura! Cheap flights, fairly cheap accommodation, great kiting-conditions and a beach where you can leave your girlfriend without her getting blown away. Check it out!!

Text: Sebastian Bubmann
Images: Doris Klemm

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