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 As mentioned in my Editorial is with a great sadness that I have to inform you all that this will be my last week here at Fuertenews HQ 


Mike and I took over tenure at Fuertenews just over 9 years ago and at that point we didn’t know exactly what we were taking on. It very quickly became apparent to us the sense of community and the feeling of belonging that the site gave us....


 The site gave us a  view and perspective of the Island that as visitors we may not have previously had, it welcomed us into the Ex Pat Community and introduced us to new people and we both made many great friends.  

Mike was always the driving force behind the site, often sitting up to the early hours putting the Newsletter together, creating puzzles and crosswords and interacting with all the different contributors over the years. I tried the wine and he wrote about it – a perfect combination!  

It was a huge part of both of our lives and we thoroughly enjoyed it every single week, Mike was extremely proud of the readership and the growing numbers and would check each and every week the spread of that weeks edition. 

We have continued it without Mike for almost 3 years now and even after this length of time his presence is missed on the site, his humour in the jokes and his quirky view point that she shared from time to time.  

I do want to say thank you to every single reader, I am really grateful to each and every one of you for sticking with us and reading the paper every week.  

I would also like to give a special thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years: Articles, Jokes, Letters etc, every single one of those was gratefully received and appreciated.  

I am sure that we will bump into each over from time to time but for the moment – I would like to wish you all the very best for 2019 and thank you again 

Penny x 

Dec 29



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