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Brian arrived in Fuerteventura 11 years ago. Originating from Bangor, County Down in Northern Ireland where he earned his living as a bricklayer.

One of the most enthusiastic and motivated artists I know, Brian woke up one morning a couple of years after arriving here and wanted to photograph. He got himself a camera but was not pleased with the results so he started to study. He avidly devoured information on techniques, current and past and the work of other photographers. Learning to study light itself, is the most important element in enabling him to create evocative photographs. He says his studies lead him from one path to another, all the time increasing his knowledge and ability to create photographs that resonate. Today he continues this research and experiment on a daily basis. 










Brian has always used a digital camera, however the wonderful effects of light and shadow that are seen in his work are not the result of digital trickery but of patient waiting for a perfect moment, when the sun, the clouds, the sea are all in harmony with one another and the almost magical composition can be created.










 Most of Brian’s photographs of seascapes and coastline are created here in the winter months because the sun is lower in the sky allowing Brian to capture the patterns and textures which give such depth and interest to his photographs. There is a reason for this, Fuerteventura’s position on the globe falls very close to the equator, where the atmosphere is thinner, making photography here particularly difficult and almost impossible in the summer.









 This doesn't mean that Brian stops work as an artist in the summer months, far from it, he constantly looks and photographs, walking round Corralejo and other areas of the island creating photographs which he publishes on his blog. These photographs are not intended to be the magical pieces of art that Brian provides for his clients, they are about deep practice, practice with forms and shapes that he sees filing his mind with angles textures and colours, much as a painter uses a sketchbook for reference, preparing him for the moment when the creation of new work is ready to begin.

Brian has a stall at the Baku market Mondays and Fridays and at the Campanario market on Sunday where he displays his remarkable photographs. He is more than happy to talk with you and share his passion and the details of how each photograph is created. Along with a brief biography on his stall, Brian includes a quote that I particularly like. It says: “I feel strongly that we can create photographs that sings to us, that move us on a deeper level, much in the same way as a piece of music” To me this sums up the creative passion of the man and is why so many of us, myself and my family included proudly display his work on our walls at home.

Brian’s portfolio of photographs can be seen at www His blog can be viewed at However much the best way to appreciate his work is to see it and talk to the man himself at the weekly markets in Corralejo.

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