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image002Freda and Dave Sangermano have lived on Fuerteventura for 9 years with their two sons and lots of animals. They have a lovely workshop in the mountains next to a goat farm where they make their jewellery and other items. Their jewellery pieces are forged from sterling silver, contrived and sculpted to reflect both organic and historic influences prevalent on Fuerteventura and from their Celtic background.





image004Freda and Dave both originated from Scotland where they ran a family craft shop on the isle of Arran. Handcraft making is very prevalent on this small Scottish island and as they grew up surrounded by handcraft makers in a place where hand made creations were highly valued it was natural for them to follow that path. They still sell some of their work through the family business run by Freda’s mother on Arran

Freda’s vocation grew when she was invited by a friend to Edinburgh to a handcraft fair. She then studied silversmithing at Glasgow school of Art and began earning her living totally from producing hand-made silver jewellery.

Dave studied Zoology at university in Scotland. This study still has influence on some of his designs. Dave has been making jewellery for many years. He started it as a means to get some extra cash while studying, and then when he began to travel, he developed his handcraft skills further in order to fully support himself.

Freda and Dave exhibited their work at many large craft fairs in Scotland including at the Edinburgh festival, which while famous for theatre and comedy, is also a Mecca for artisans who have their own dedicated place of exhibition at St John’s on Princes Street. They also showed and sold their work at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh. While in Edinburgh in 1997, they were presented to the Queen in as Scottish craft workers, which was a great honour. She asked if they made it all themselves and she admired their work.


image006Fuerteventura is not the first place where Freda and Dave and their family have lived and worked abroad. They spent some time living in Greece first, but found that although there was a short, intense period when they could sell their work, there was little or no trade in the winter months. They went looking for somewhere people would come on holiday all year round, and which would be a good place to bring up their family. They originally intended living on Lanzarote, but found Fuerteventura with its tradition of artisans and its slower pace of life more to their liking.

Conal, Freda and Dave’s son helping on the stall


silver broochsilver necklacesilver pendant









The jewellery starts life as a sheet of silver and is formed into shape by using hammers and heat. Each piece is made slowly and painstakingly into the gorgeous designs that you can see on display.
Their Celtic upbringing has had some influence on the designs of their pieces, but they often come up with designs wholly their own. Freda says that in her opinion because Dave had no formal training in silver-smithing, his designs are freer and more experimental, whereas her formal training has led her to work more within what she knows are the limits and constraints of the material. The most difficult area of working in silver is forging and this is Dave’s speciality.
special pieceimage014

Dave likes to experiment with items other than jewellery and has used his skills to create beautiful hanging mobiles made from glass and metal. He also uses old coins which he incorporates into unique key fobs. 

Freda and Dave sell their work mainly through the various markets where artisans congregate in Fuerteventura and also more recently in the Barceló hotel in Jandia. They prefer to market their work in this way as the pieces would be considerably dearer if sold through a shop; whereas they are priced competitively within the reach of most buyers at present. Some people do not appreciate the time and work that goes into a hand made piece and only look at the cheapest article they can buy, however I and many other of their customers value the artistic and technical work in each piece and treasure each one we buy, knowing it has been made by hand with skill and care...

Contact Dave and Freda at the silver forge, Fuerteventura, by telephoning 0034 618406463 or e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit them at their stall on Sunday mornings at the Campanario shopping centre in Corralejo where they have been selling their work since the inception of the market. They are always happy to talk about how their pieces are made and what inspired them.