Expat Life

carIt was 2 years since my car had its last ITV and I had less than a week left before it expired. I was procrastinating like crazy; my Spanish was just not up to booking that test on the phone. Then I received a text.

As best I could make out it said that my test was due and if I wanted to book it then phone: 928 984 686, there was no more putting it off. At the end of the text it also gave a web address. That was more like it. No stumbling and stuttering over how to pronounce all those foreign words just go on the net and click a few boxes.

ItvSigneI duly entered www.serviciositv.es and there it was, a simple click on the Cita Privia heading, select your area, pick a vehicle type, fuel type, date and time. It will also ask your registration number, phone number & email address. In no time at all I had an email back confirming the date & time etc.

So far So good.

Come the day of the test and I am up good and early. The only test centre is in the centre of the island just south of the village of Antigua and it will take me about an hour to get there for my 9:00 appointment. Have I got the documentation? Bureaucracy can be a bit tricky and I didn’t want to go back for a slip of paper. Everything is ready so off I go.

I arrived early and there were only 3 cars in front of me so great. I handed over the documents, and the euros, and joined the queue. The car in front moved to the 2nd testing bay and I was waved forward. Lights on, lights off, main beam on, main beam off. Indicate left, indicate right, all 4 indicators at once. That’s the front done now the same for the back. Check the tyres, replaced about a month ago so all OK. Check that all the doors work, including the petrol filler cap & the number plate light. A quick look for signs of rust under the bonnet, wheel arches and inside the foot well. All clear move forward please. Rolling road test and brakes tested next. Apart from a false start due to my bad Spanish all well there and forward to the exhaust emissions check.

MechNext comes the under body inspection. I had watched the guy in front and when the mechanic called out he swung the steering wheel violently from side to side so when my turn came that is exactly what I did as well. Again so far so good. After some more rattling and shaking the car I just had to wait. The guy in front of me had to undergo another test were blur smoke came out the exhaust as the engine was raced quite hard. From the look of it there was no cigar for him, come back sometime and try again! After what seemed like a long wait they came and stuck my pass certificate on the screen I was clear. The disappointment is that as my car is now ten years old I only get a 1 year pass so I must do it all again in twelve months.