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ClownsThe Festival of Clowns Fuerteventura will take place from 21 to 23 November in the streets, on the beach and on the avenue Gran Tarajal and there will be a preview from Monday 17 with activities such as courses clown therapy laughter and magic.


This fourth edition of the festival will include more than thirty clowns from Europe, America and Africa with a large representation of clowns Canaries and Spain, with representatives of the regions of Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia and Valencia.
On this occasion there will be three stages for clowns and circus, on the beach and two in the avenue as well as four spaces with puppet shows, street theatre, areas of singing live with Tracks clowns and a dance area.
The festival itself will begin Friday, November 21 to 17 hours with clowns for children up to 21:30, then the adult entertainment take over.
Without a doubt, the biggest day of the festival will be Saturday, November 22 to be presented under the slogan "Pasate día enterito in Gran Tarajal" (Passing the entire day Gran Tarajal), the day starting at 11:30 with great fanfare clowns of the Canary Islands. This event has become a highlight of Tran Tran and joins the joy and carelessness clowns with the warmth and colour of the floats, dance groups, bands, and people who participate individually, along with bicycles four wheels, unicycles, people on stilts, old cars, carts with horses and ponies, jugglers, tricycles, carriages with music, fun vehicles, giant puppets and paper mache ... even an old red tractor. The procession will end in the main street with all the clowns festival that will play short skits ... the various activities will continue until one in the morning. Children program will end at 22 hours and the "Noche Golfa" will begin with performances and numbers for adults on different terraces of the main avenue Gran Tarajal.
Tran Tran will end on November 23 with a session in the morning for children up to 14 years.
During the festival there will be in the Avenue and beach attractions including human statues clowns, bouncy castles, big wheels, clowns, people on stilts, etc.
New this year, the festival opens to the world of the circus, and some scenes of the avenue will be used exclusively for this discipline, the programming of this space being managed by the MSB Circus School of Gran Canaria that combines acrobatics, jugglers, trapeze, ropes, magic workshops and of course, clowns.
The fourth edition of Tran Tran enjoys the success of previous editions with an audience of 11,000 people and the work that the organization realizes all year for this festival and to raise funds for the NGO Payasos Hospital of Fuerteventura (Hospitran - Clowns Hospital Fuerteventura) in which several courses have been conducted in collaboration with Clowns Hospital of Valencia, so that there Fuerteventura people who are properly trained and can perform as a clown to hospital.

The Festival of Clowns Tran Tran is organized by the Ayuntamiento de Tuineje, a group of volunteers "RIAS es Gratis" (Laughter is free) and the Theatre Association BOBACO collaboration with the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands Government, Casa África Many companies and associations.