Expat Life

shopHaving lived on the island for many years felt it would be good to tell folk where all the food bargains are! Mercadona has taken over in Corralejo from the smaller chains, however I have found that many supermarkets offer different cuisine.


My choices:

Mercadona (good parking)

Best and cheapest fresh veg.

Cauliflowers are a good quality and fresh broccoli.

Pre packed salads last much longer than normal

Sweet potato very well priced against other supermarkets.

Breast of chicken can be pre sliced (fino) making a great choice for various stuffing’s.

Fresh salmon, usually completely boneless.

Cheapest 5ltr water at 70c.

Hiperdino Campanario.

Boneless chicken thighs very cheap and make a great casserole.

Euro Spa.

Best fresh fish

Entrecote steaks.

Stewing steak (cut to order)

Impacassa (at the harbour) Good parking

Best choice for frozen fruit, especially raspberries.

Aniseed bread. Fresh.


Lidle Puerto del Rossario

Great frozen meats at a very good price:

Boneless duck breasts

Kangaroo steaks

Salmon en croute.

Venison steaks.