Expat Life

CrossIt may be all over in the UK and the dust has settled on the election but it all comes to a head here on Fuerteventura this weekend!

The vans with loud speakers have been around town all week trying to get the message across. And just like the UK politicians there are promises galore

Here are some from the Alternativa Nacionalista Canaria (ANC). In their document governing their candidacy for the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, these series of proposals may be found:

  1. Denounce the colonial situation that lives in the Canary Islands Parliament and take appropriate international action to such recognition.
  2. Getting skills, public ownership and management of airports and ports canaries. And the prohibition of the existence of ports and airports under private control.
  3. Hacienda Canaria provide the skills for raising taxes so far received the Spanish State, especially companies.
  4. Canary statement as a territory of peace, free from anti-military and NATO.
  5. Close and return to the village of Pájara of the shooting range and manoeuvres, military barracks recovery of the capital of Fuerteventura, for conversion into a large park and lung for the city.
  6. Immediate review of all service contracts to the Canary Islands Government has signed with private companies (public lighting, gardens, rubbish collection, water, maintenance ...).
  7. Reducing costs in protocol, salaries, allowances, official cars, consulting, etc.
  8. Formal establishment of the salaries of all government jobs and political office ending the self-allocation of salaries, putting a ceiling of no more than five times the minimum wage.
  9. A Basic Income for all unemployed workers.
  10. Creating a permanent National Employment Plan to combat inequality and social exclusion.
  11. Progressive tax policy based on income, which prime the distribution of wealth and social policies.
  12. Establishing a framework of labor relations Canario, enabling economic and social actors establish employment policies and social protection, pension guarantees a public system, taking into account the rights of all working people.
  13. YOU ban in companies with profits.
  14. Audit and removing the Canary Islands Investment Reserve (RIC), with responsibilities and demand the return, by the companies that have not fulfilled their obligations, the entire capital of the Canary defrauded state coffers.
  15. Performance evaluation of REA (specific regime of self-sufficiency) and modifying the Canary prioritizing production and consumer interest.
  16. Conduct a survey of all currently privatized to then public services, if possible, reverse it as a public service.
  17. Applicability of crimes of corruption in the public and corporate function and increased its penalties.
  18. Establish the need for the referendum for the most important decisions affecting the future of the Canary Islands.
  19. We will arrange an external, public audit on the management of the Canarian government in the last 15 years.
  20. Ensure adequate food for all people, wherever they are ensuring access to basic foods.
  21. Establish measures to equalize wages between working people and concerted public sector.
  22. Proceed with the closure of all existing barracks on the island, they have been converted into public schools.
  23. Ensure quality, free and universal public education system, from kindergarten to higher education.
  24. A real and large Canarian and introducing universal education, promoting information about the islands and the world they live in.
  25. Order as requirements for a consultation the secular nature of the center.
  26. Promoting culture, history and traditions in all Canary areas where skills are taken
  27. Programs which respect cultural diversity and promote tolerance towards immigrants
  28. Canary declared territory free of evictions.
  29. Tax reclaim owners cede empty social rental housing.
  30. Competencies for Canary such that the exploitation of natural resources in a given territory is subject to a process of consultation with the affected population, which is free, prior and informed. Ensure public participation in the process of environmental management and conservation of ecosystems is promoted.
  31. Combat speculation.
  32. Move towards public transport network buses throughout the islands.
  33. Ban the sale of land reclassification and who have suffered the burning of their forests.
  34. Environmental sustainability and development of energy sovereignty.
  35. National plan against any contaminants spill on our sea
  36. Implement a system of selective collection of biodegradable waste.
  37. Creating a Land Institute Canario guaranteeing the administration, distribution and regularization of land with agrarian use.
  38. Enabling the breeding of native species.
  39. Enhancement of organic production.
  40. Rethinking tourism model Canaries in an ecologically sustainable model and not overcrowded.
  41. Plan to promote the Canary Islands products for the hotel industry.
  42. Tourist tax levied a nominal fee to each tourist visiting the Canary Islands.
  43. Prioritize the study and protection of the oldest archaeological heritage at risk of extinction.
  44. Tindaya Mountain declare in full, not only its summit, a Cultural and definitely check out the architectural design inside.
  45. Creating a Home Museum of Emigration Canaria.

Some of these, rather like Ed's stone promises, are so banal that they could have originated with a beauty pageant contender. But if you have had your dirt track tarmacked or that local wasteland landscaped go and vote!