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Don't let your passport expire abroad


More than 6000 emergency passports issued in Spain last year

The number of emergency passports issued by British Consulates in Spain rose 11% last year to a total of 6005 – more than a fifth (22%) of the Foreign Office world total.  The increase has triggered the British Embassy to warn British expats to take care of their passports, check the expiry date and renew them in good time.

Introducing a new Smartphone App for emergency response

Captura web 1-1-2 CanariasFRESS 1-1-2 in the Canary Islands

The Canary Ministry of Economy, Finance and Security, and FRESS Foundation, have signed a collaboration agreement by which, the Canary Government improves the access to the European emergency number 1-1-2 by implementing FRESS.

FRESS is the Social Network for Emergency Response designed exclusively by the Foundation FRESS (Free Emergency Services) for emergency management.

Safety with electrical goods.

The standard electric current in Spain is 220 volts so if you bring appliances over from England they should work fine here. You may find that some items work a little more slowly, however, such as kettles taking longer to heat.


British Consul Open Day for Fuerteventura

New British Consul hosts Open Day for residents of Fuerteventura 

Get the most up to date information on the issues that matter most to the Brits that live on Fuerteventura.Consular assistance, responsibilities as residents, pension and benefit rights, and the current hot topic of registering for healthcare and use of the EHIC are just a few of the areas that will be covered by guest speakers.



Fuerte fines.

We are always on the lookout for the speed traps, not wearing seat belts and parking restrictions but here are some of the more unusual offences that you can be fined for, (apart from all those obvious ones).


Are you entitled to healthcare abroad?

Have your friends told you that you can get medical treatment at the health centre in the town where you live just by showing your UK-issued European Health Insurance Card?

That if you were thinking of going back to the UK, you’d have to wait at least 6 months to access NHS health care?

And that you need to have worked 15 years in Spain to be entitled to a Spanish pension? 

Are you one of the thousands of “swallows” recently arrived to the Canaries, escaping the cold UK winter? And have you been told that your European Health Insurance Card will cover everything from ongoing hospital treatment to repatriation back home?




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