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Reasons to explore Fuerteventura

canariesThe Canary Islands formed as a result of volcanic activity with Fuerteventura the oldest island, formed about 70 million years ago. Today, the Canary Islands remain a popular hot spot with holidaymakers from all over the world craving the warm climate, diverse culture and a variety of activities such as carnivals, festivals and water sports.



Fuertenews On Tour Pt2 !!!!

Where are we now header

Fuertenews on tour.  "where are we?" There is so much more to our island than the tourist venues. 

Our "Roving Reporter"  has discovered that there are many places on our beautiful island that are not well known and decided to take a few photographs - now she need to remember where she has been - Can you Help??


An Airline Just for Millennials? Bad Idea????



If there is one surefire way to design products wrong, it is to try to design products for millennials.

Remember Toyota’s Scion, targeted toward young people? The average customer age was mid-forties. How about Pivot, the TV network with the slogan, “It’s your turn”? It closed after less than three years. Against that backdrop, I have been especially curious about the launch of Air France’s new brand designed to woo young travelers.


Snacked Attacked....



BA Chief says that Airline will not back down on charging short haul passengers for food - even though they hate it!!!

Alex Cruz came under fire after ending free catering for economy passengers on short haul flights in January



The Worlds Best (and worst) Airlines....

turkish airlines


Flight delays and safety rankings were among the factors considered in the survey...

When it comes to air travel, competition is fierce between the carriers ferrying us around the world. But which is the best? And, more importantly, how about the worst?


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