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What was once a small fishing village with only 200 inhabitants, Morro Jable has now grown into one of the biggest holiday resorts for German tourists on the island (with around 8,000 inhabitants)








Sitting on the Jandía peninsula, Morro Jable is situated in the south. The main attractions of Morro Jable are its white sandy beaches and range of activities, shops and restaurants. This tourist haven attracts a large number of German visitors each year and is a great place to escape the European winter or enjoy an action-packed family holiday. Morro Jable forms part of the greater municipality of Pájara .The town used to go by the name of Puerto de la Cebada, meaning the Barley Harbour. The French were the original invaders and Jable is a corruption of the French word for sand (sable). Morro Jable has a relatively short history as people first settled in the town in 1900

In previous years the town was an isolated fishing village with a population of around 200. In the 1970s and 1980s the natural white sandy beaches, clear blue seas and marine life attracted developers to build hotels. Previously the only way to reach the resort was via dirt track, and so in 1982 a main road was built. Since then the resort has continued to expand each year. Lovely sea front bars and restaurants make the resort an ideal escape.

Travel Here:

Bus from Puerto del Rosario bus number 1 departs regularly for Morro Jable. Bus number 10 heads to Morro Jable via airport but runs only 4 times daily (and less on weekends).

Morro Jable is also well connected by bus with its coastal neighbours: bus number 05 runs regularly between Morro Jable and Costa Calma. Bus number 25 also makes a detour to Costa Calma when running between Morro Jable and La Lajita.

Morro Jable is reachable via FV-2 from Puerto del Rosario and airport.

One can also travel to Gran Canaria from here by ferry.



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