Holidays from the Island

Marrakech -Shop until you drop!

After yet more airport terrorism in the UK, I was reluctant to take my annual holiday by travelling through London, so Morocco seemed to be an ideal destination. My friend Tricia could travel directly from the UK and I could join her, relatively easily in Marrakech from Fuerteventura. Binter Airlines fly "direct" from the Canaries - i.e. via Gran Canaria. OK so it cost me more and took me longer than it did for Tricia to travel, but it was completely stress free!

Essaouira - Time to Chill

The next step on our trip to Morocco was to head out to the coastal town of Essaouira. We had heard that this was the perfect place to chill out for a few days as it constantly caressed by winds from the sea, much like our lovely little island! This would be a welcome relief after the heat of Marrakech.

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