Local Events and Fiestas

The carnaval program for 2011 is now available, enjoy the fun.

Wednesday 16th

20:00 hours. The 1st parade of the carnival. The route begins at the Brisamar and continuing to the Fairground. There will then be the presentation of the candidates for Queen of the Carnival 2011. It will then continue with the Verbena (with Latin Wave).

Thursday 17th

21:00 hours. The Marching bands with: Ugan (Corralejo), Achimencey, Crazy Drummer (Puerto del Rosario), Cumbiasao (Parque Holandes.), Yasira (La Capellania), the spectacle will be presented by Fermi and Minerva

Friday 18th

20:00 hours. Pesentation Adult bands with: Sagoria (Corralejo), Against all odds” (center of M Mayores de Corralejo) and Gorfines (Lanzarote). Presented by Jessica of Leon. Finishing with the Verbena with the groups “Pump” (Fuerteventura) and “Latin Guira” (Gran Canaria). Price of entrance: 3€

Saturday 19th

21:00 hours. Presentation of the finalists of Queen of the Carnival 2011 in their “Grand Dresses”.
Music and dance provided by “Las Sargoria” (winner of the Insular Contest), Against all odds” (Corralejo), groups: Arguraime” “Kilmilleisi” (El Cotillo), and “Guayaseymi” (Corralejo), Conparsa Yasira and the Batacuda Ugan. The Finery will be presented by Carmen Hernandez and Victor “Mister Fuerteventura”. Continuing with the Verbena, with the group “Latin Guira” (Gran Canaria) and the band “Dominican Cumbo”. Gran Canaria).

Price of entrance: 3€

Sunday 20th

12:00 hours. Vl Contest of “Gincana de Carretillas Carnavaleras” (exit of the Plaza Patricio Calero). In order to participate it is necessary to register with the Olive City council before 17th March.

18:00 hours. Parade of the Children, Carnival 2011, with Carla Ramirez (winner of the 7 Festival of the Song Candlemas 2011), “Los Garabatos” (Villaverde) and “Chiki- Rompes” (Puerto del Rosario), “Yasira” (La Capellania), “Alaye” (Corralejo), and “Rainbow” (Parque Holandés). Presented by Alba and Iris Ferrer Ruiz.
The children are from the Ballet Stilo of the Datana academy (Great Tarajal).


Monday 21st

19:00 hours. Pasacalles of the Tourist, with the participation of the drumming groups: Ugan (Corralejo), “Yasira” (La Capellania), “Alaye” (Corralejo), “Arco Iris” (Parque Holandés), New Samba (Antigua) and the dance groups of the municipality.

The acts will be presented by Johnny B (98 QFM).

The parade will take place from the Dove roundabout to the Fairground.

Tuesday 22nd

21:00 hours. Drag Queen Gala, accompanied by the dance groups “Arguarime” and “Kilmilleisi” (El Cotillo) and “Guayaseymi” (Corralejo). The entertainment will be presenter by Herrera Robert. Entered price: 3€

Wednesday 23rd

10:00 hour. Children’s show, with the schools: Bernabé Figueroa, Antonito el Farero and Corralejo ll (starting from the Dove Roundabout)

18:00 hours. Children’s celebration with Ariadna and Benyi (winners of the European Championship of Dance groups), children’s singing groups: “the Pothooks” (Villaverde), “the Tictactitos” (Puerto del Rosario), dance groups “Yasira” (La Capellania), “Alaye” (Corralejo), “Arco Iris” (Parque Holandés) with Payasos Chi & Floon.

Payasos Chi & Floon and Cathaysa Montinez will present the celebration, in collaboration with Tiquital security.




Thursday 24th

19:30 hours. Celebration with: “Rondalla Fuerteventura Norte”, “Contra Viento y Marea”, “Las Sagoria” y “Las Herradura Majorera”. Next, dance with Pepe Benavente. The celebration will be presented by Mary Carme and Julia


Friday 25th

20:30 hours. Great marathon of singing groups, with “Contra Viento y Marea”, “Las Sargoria”” (winners of the Insular Contest) (Corralejo), and “Los Gambusinos”, “Rompe y Raja” and “Perreta and Punto” (Puerto del Rosario) and in addition there will be the group “Los Melindrosos” (Gran Canaria). The spectacle will be presented by Francisco Jose Navaro. Later there is a Verbena with the group “Kandela” (Fuerteventura) and the orchestra “Tamarinds” (Gran Canaria). Entrance: 3€


Saturday 26th

18:00 hours Carnavalero Enclosure for bullfighting with all the floats of the Island that want to participate (exit from the Aveneda Fuerteventura, roundabout Chupa Chups). In order to participate it is required to register with the Ayuntamentó of Olive before 21st March.

22:00 hours Verbena with the group “Kandela", the orchestras “Acorde” (Fuerteventura), and “Tamarindos” (Gran Canaria). Price of entrance 3€

Sunday 27th

19:00 hours. Burial of the Sardine (exit from the roundabout Poloma), with the support of all the groups of municipo. We will dismiss the Sardine by burning and with fireworks.

21:00 hours Festival of Rock “EntieRock” with the activities of the following groups of the rock factory: Xksualidad, Bite the Bullet, Leche Frita and Chachos Crew. Organized by: Taller Rock.

Saturday 2nd April

12:00 hours Shared carnival. Organizer by the Association of Carnavaleros Carnavalia and the groups of the carnival. Place CC Campanario.

23:00 hours Verbena Aim of Carnival, in the Olive. They participate: the Guajavi group and the Fermín soloist Place Raíz del Pueblo  


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