Local Events and Fiestas

Here is an outline of some of the attractionson offer for the Corralejo Carnival.


Friday 09th 20:00 - Inaugural parade with dancing girls €3 (all night party)

Sat 20:00 - Presentation of the female carnival Queens. €3

Sun 11:00 to 16:00 - Waikiki beach attractions.

19:00 Gala Infantil (kids)

Mon 20:00 Tourist Day

Tues 20:00 Drag Queen night

Wed 10:00 High street Schools Parade

20:00 Old Peoples Party

Thurs 18:00 Fiesta infantile

Fri 20:30 Murgas Parade (satirical fancy dress singing groups). €3

Sat 18:00 The BIG CARNIVAL PARADE from the 'chupa chups' (lollipops) roundabout.

Sun 19:30 The burning of the Sardine (religious significance) followed by fireworks fired from the town beach


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