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 As mentioned last week was Penny's Big Birthday Celebration, she asked me not to mention that she is 70, so I won't do that!

Even with everything going on she managed to send us some photos over to share the party with us 

Please click below to see the pictures



A morning relaxing with the newest additions to the Family - Kaysie and Ripley

IMG 9206

 Penny and her youngest Daughter Lindsay getting ready for the "Suprise Party" (look at all the cards and flowers - especially the cards if you would like a clue to her age as I am not allowed to say that she is 70!!)

 IMG 1836

 The first look of suprise as she enters the party (greeted by an eager Grandson)

 IMG 9523

 Balloons, Balloons everywhere......

IMG 1850IMG 1854













Hugs and tears of Suprise and guests she didn't know were coming greet her.

IMG 9525

A Close up of the Stunning Cake (good job no one put candles on - could have been real hazzard that many flames) 

IMG 9569

Cutting of the cake and a little thank you speech

IMG 9566

IMG 9577

As the evening goes on, the wine and chatter flows

IMG 9553

I am sure there were a few sore heads the next morning but it was a lovely evening and everyone enjoyied the night.

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