Local Events and Fiestas

The penultimate day of the Corralejo Carnaval is their parade which stretches half way from Tamaragua to the town centre.
A full spectrum of costumes and floats clogged (or should be graced?) the streets with colour and noise way past this Scottish guys bedtime.

Every picture tells a story.

And is that the party over for another year……….? Or is it just the beginning?

PS The Theme is Andalucia - bit I'm sure you would have guessed that!! {Ed}

Thanks to Innes Ross for the pictures above. I also hit the streets - and bars on Carnival night! {Ed}

But Canival is not just about the floats and the procession, the audience also join in...

Three little angels - I think not!

Betty from DJ's with her fan club!

Menacing Mel...

and last but not least, the lovely Claire from Blue Rock


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