Spiritual Life

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‘And breathe!’ My sigh of relief upon landing on Fuerteventura last Sunday evening was nothing to do with flying and everything to do with returning to my sunny, warm, island home.....






It had been good to see family and friends in the UK, and even to feel a few gentle drops of rain. But even the Calima dust clouds almost obscuring the mountains were a sight for sore eyes after a week in a busy, bustling city. Rumour has it that we have a different pace of life on Fuerteventura. And yet somehow when I first moved here I hardly felt the difference. Perhaps it was the effort of settling into a new home and reacclimatizing. But whatever the reason, it wasn’t until my recent ‘re-entry’ into island life that I finally felt the difference.

Instead of being surrounded by commuters and city centre workers rushing to and fro in their lunch hours, suddenly I’m sitting at pavement cafes drinking coffee with friends as tourists amble past at a leisurely pace. Not to mention the fact that tee shirts and shorts and sun hats have replaced ‘casual smart’ office wear and umbrellas. Even I, chronically time-obsessed my whole life through, can feel myself relaxing and gearing down.

There’s some famous words from the Book of Ecclesiastes in the bible that go like this: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Although the writer doesn’t list ‘a time to hurry’ and ‘a time to chill out’, I somehow think that he would still approve of our island life.

Until next time,

Revd Judie