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“Fuerteventura rocked!”, the headlines could have read. But there was no need to worry. It wasn’t an earthquake. It was the annual FEM music festival (Fuerteventura en Musica) at El Cotillo....












A week later the huge stage, enormous banks of speakers, ranks of generators and port-a-loos, and tens of thousands of festival goers have disappeared from Playa la Concha for another year, and El Cotillo’s residents are sleeping soundly in their beds once more. In the UK, the summer months are also filled with music festivals up and down the country, even though there are weeks that go by without a public holiday of note.

Fortunately, Canarian culture is big on celebration. The music from La Concha was still going strong when the annual Fiesta del Carmen in Corralejo began on 1 July. This year’s Fiesta will be my first experience of the pilgrimage procession through town to the church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the maritime procession of the church’s figure of the Virgen del Carmen – when prayers of blessing will be said for the safety and success of our fishermen, and for all whose lives depend on the sea – and the night procession and fireworks.

Fiesta del Carmen is a celebration of the rich diversity that being part of this island community brings to each of our lives, and a foretaste of heaven, where all nations will be one. It unites us with each other, wherever we come from and whether we are Corralejo-born and bred, permanent or temporary residents, or holiday-makers. Buena Fiesta mis amigos!

Until next time,

Revd Judie


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