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“For better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness or in health.” Familiar words. Last Tuesday I sat in a pier end restaurant, in brilliant sunshine above crystal clear blue waters, and witnessed a couple celebrate their thirtieth wedding anniversary by renewing those very vows.










It got me thinking about promises, and how difficult they are to keep. Most of us make all kinds of promises as we go through life – promises to our parents, our partners, our children, our work mates, our friends. Sometimes we have no intention of keeping our promises and so, strictly speaking, we shouldn’t be making them in the first place. Sometimes we don’t keep our promises by accident – we remember them when it’s too late or we discover that they’re too costly to keep. And, for some of us, promises cannot be kept for our own physical safety or for our mental well-being. So why bother celebrating?

I didn’t actually ask the couple renewing their wedding vows whether they had always kept their promises to each other. That wasn’t my business. But whatever the years in between had held for them – however many promises had been kept or broken along the way – it seemed right to help them re-commit to a shared future simply because that was what they wanted. And because there are times when making new promises, or renewing old ones, can give us a whole new perspective on life.

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Revd Judie

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