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Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you thrive on pushing your personal boundaries?
My other half does. His idea of a restful break from work is a 30km cycle ride, with
the last few kilometres uphill into a 27km per hour wind.










Me? Well, aside from emigrating from Canada to the UK over forty years ago when I was young and adventurous, I would much rather stay within my comfort zone. Although if I look back over my working life that’s not exactly true because I’ve spent a lot of time ‘pioneering’. One of the first women in the Church of England to be ordained; and, over the years, the first person to hold a series of newly created jobs. I guess you could even add my recent migration to Fuerteventura, as the ‘plus one’ of the island’s first Anglican Chaplain, to the list.

So is it simply wanderlust that has kept me on the move, from place to place and job to job, or is it something more? Whether you call it destiny or the hand of God on your life, many of us have that sense of being guided in where we go and what we do.

I have often wondered whether that’s something that my grandparents, who were pioneers on the Canadian prairies, would have sensed too. They most definitely pushed their personal boundaries when they left Victorian England behind. So I hope that they felt as much ‘at home’ in their new settings as I have in mine. And I pray that that will be your experience too, as you move outside your comfort zone to wherever you are being called next.

Until next time,
Revd Judie

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