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"What on earth was that?" My colleague and I were sat in her office on the top floor of a Victorian hospital building - part of Manchester's St Mary's Hospital for Women and Children. We rushed to the window, convinced that some kind of heavy lorry had just rumbled past, but there was no sign of anything unusual!

The mystery was solved when I discovered later that we had felt the tremors of what was my first earthquake, albeit a minor one.






In the early hours of Tuesday morning, here on Fuerteventura, there was an earthquake south of Lajares, about ten kilometres from where we live now, registering 2.4 on the Richter Scale, while I lay undisturbed in my bed. Unlike the magitude 4.0 earthquake that struck the Italian island of Ischia on Monday evening, killing at least two people, there have been no reports of damage to property or injuries here. However, with the frequent occurrence of small scale quakes across the Canaries, I've decided to read up about how to prepare in advance, what to do while an earthquake is happening, and what to do in its aftermath.

But all of this talk of earthquakes also reminded me of an Old Testament prophet called Elijah, who, when he was desperately seeking God, found that God turned up not as a great and powerful wind, not as an earthquake, not as an all-consuming fire, but as a gentle whisper. For those of us seeking God and greater spiritual depth in ournlives may we experience that gentle whisper too.

Until next time,

Revd Judie

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