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I’ve been there, done that, and got the copy of the claim form in the drawer. And it’s happening again. Many UK travellers and holiday makers and Fuerteventuran residents will be busy filling in compensation forms this week after having their Ryanair flights or Monarch holidays cancelled, as one company struggles with staffing shortages and the other hits the wall financially. But however inconvenient it is to have travel arrangements changed, on the grand scale those of us who have suffered that fate have much to be thankful for.




  The people who travelled to Las Vegas last weekend for a country music festival – and survived to tell the tale - would no doubt have been happy with a travel change or two. Because before the outdoor concert at the Mandalay Beach Hotel was over, nearly sixty people had been shot dead and over five hundred were lying injured. Yet again, people’s lives have been changed forever. Many will bear physical scars for the rest of their lives; even more will bear invisible psychological ones.

Where do they look for healing? Immediately, of course, to the trauma teams of Las Vegas’ hospitals, and the specialist surgical, medical, and nursing teams who will have been working round the clock to respond to what, in hospital-speak, was a major incident. But beyond that those who bear scars both physical and psychological will be dependent on their own family doctor, and on their families and friends, as they travel the road to recovery. Whether we meditate or pray or simply stop to think of others let’s consciously hold them in our thoughts in the days ahead.

Rev Judie x


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