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Gordon is missing!

He arrived last weekend while I was away working in La Palma – busy eating paella (from the biggest paella pan I'd ever seen!) at the fiesta in honour of San Martin de Porres in El Paso.







The simple modern church where the fiesta mass was held is set in a pine forest at the top of a steep hill – so very different from the landscape that we are used to in Fuerteventura. But back to Gordon. I got to meet him first thing Monday morning before he went to sleep (we work different shifts, you see) but when we, and our other house guests, got up on Tuesday morning he'd disappeared and we haven't seen him since! We haven't notified the police - because Gordon is our first resident gecko.

While I was being wined and dined by my Palmerian hosts, Bob was at home fretting about whether there were enough insects in the house to keep Gordon satisfied. You see hospitality matters, whether it’s a gourmet three course meal, or a cup of water, or you're begging your friend not to swat a fly because it might be destined to be Gordon's lunch. Offering hospitality tells people – and reptiles that kindly dispose of unwanted insect house guests – that we value them. But with our human guests we offer hospitality not because of what they can do for us but because of who they are, uniquely made in the image of God.

Until next time,

Revd Judie


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