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IT RAINED ON MONDAY! Not just a short, gentle sprinkling, but a solid three hour downpour, until roads were flooded curb to curb, executing manoeuvres around roundabouts created bow waves, and speed bumps became water jumps.







While parts of the UK were coping with the most severe winter weather in seven years, with sub-zero temperatures and feet of snow, here on Fuerteventura our temperature dipped a few degrees, the wind speed increased, and the storm clouds gathered. When the rain came, we danced with joy as barrancos filled and the earth, thirsty from months of drought, lapped up the moisture.

The truth – leaving certain trans-Atlantic presidential opinions aside – is that the world’s climate is definitely changing. And as human beings it seems that we have no one to blame but ourselves and our constantly increasing appetite for fossil fuels. As a frequent flyer myself, and as someone who for forty years lived in a nation where most energy was generated from fossil fuels, I feel a certain sense of responsibility.

The bible’s version of the story of the creation of the world also makes it clear that the job of caring for the whole of creation belongs to humanity. So what can we do?

We can find out how our electricity is generated. Is it oil fired (releasing pollutants into the atmosphere), or wind powered? We can lobby RED to increase the amount of wind turbines on the island, after all we’ve got the wind! And each time we fly we can donate to a charity that’s working to redress the balance (e.g. replanting rainforest trees). We CAN take things into our own hands and live as responsibly


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