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"Did you miss me?", said Moriarty to Sherlock Holmes, as Series 4 of Sherlock opened on 1 January 2017. I have no intention of comparing their rather disturbing relationship with my relationship with my Fuertenews readers, but still - 'Did you?'






I've had an amazing time writing for Fuertenews over the past twelve months, and from what the publisher tells me you've been very loyal readers, but nonetheless I'm going to take a sabbatical break. I'm stepping back from the computer keyboard, although I have reserved the right to pop up again from time to time if something happens in daily life that I feel I just have to comment on. Or perhaps I'll suffer from withdrawal and be forced to come out of retirement, just like Moriarty - although I promise not to haunt you or hunt you. :-)

But while I won't be visible on the pages of Fuertenews, I will still be available if you want to get in touch. Just e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

So until next time, whenever that might be, a fond farewell from me.

Revd Judie x


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