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27th November
The situation with Ryanair threatening to stop all of its flights to the island seems to be getting more positive. Yesterday a petition with over 1500 signatures on it was handed in by Johnny B from a local radio station. In the meeting there was a call to disband the tourist company AIE that is supposedly responsible for the problem, but this was over ruled. The company have stepped up promotion of the island as a tourist destination which was one of the issues that Ryanair stated breached their contract. However another issue seems to be that of Ryanair not being paid a supplement for each passenger they bring here, although neither Ryanair nor the Spanish press are citing this as a reason for the dispute. The AIE have also denied that there is a financial contract between them and the airline. However, apparently AIE have agreed to pay Ryanair this money in 3 instalments over the next year. This has not been confirmed, but a group of business owners here have said that all necessary steps should be taken to ensure that the airline does not pull out.

Fuerteventura attracts such large numbers of tourists in part because of the fantastic sunlight, with almost 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, an expert has said.
The Canary Island has a special quality of light, especially around this time of year, which acts as a kind of "light therapy", suggested Andreas Caliman, who is an experienced tour guide on the island.
Many people come solely for the abundant levels of sunlight, he added, which are a "fascinating" feature of Fuerteventura.
Another key attraction, Mr Caliman said, is that tourism is not quite as developed as on the other Canary Islands, making for "a good life".
The expert continued: "That's why they still promote the island as 'La Isla Tranquilita', which means the quiet, tranquil island - and that's quite true of course."
According to the official tourist board of the canary islands, Fuerteventura has "immense" golden beaches which provide a superb setting for ultimate holiday relaxation.

It adds that there is an impressive landscape which includes the dramatic Mount Tindaya as well as 13 protected spaces of natural beauty.

The Lowcost Travel Group is claiming it is cheaper to go on an all-inclusive holiday in the Mediterranean than stay in 'rip-off Britain' this Christmas.
The company claims holidaymakers can save £201 by booking a package in Spain, Tenerife, Turkey or Egypt rather than staying at home during the downturn.
With the price of turkeys up to £70 a bird, the bed bank has calculated staying in Britain could cost £485 per person, based on a couple, for food, presents, decorations, a tree, alcohol and household bills. A three-star all-inclusive break departing December 21 for seven nights in La Tahona Gardens in Caleta de Fuste, Fuerteventura, starts at £284.
Chief executive Paul Evans added: “We’re freezing as many prices as possible to encourage more people to get out of Britain this Christmas.” (Travel Weekly)

A BRAVE Northside girl has become the youngest person ever to receive a ‘Just In Time’ award from Irish Water Safety for the heroic rescue of her little brother. In May, Northside People reported how Amy O’Donoghue (10), from Santry, dramatically rescued her younger brother, Lee (4) from drowning in the Canary Islands. Michael Kitt, Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, presented heroine Amy with her award in a ceremony at Dublin Castle last week.
The O'Donoghue family had been holidaying on the island of Fuerteventura when Lee got into difficulty and sank to the bottom of the apartment swimming pool.
Amy managed to rescue her unconscious brother and then ran to get help while her mother, June, resuscitated him.
“I’m so delighted to see Amy being honoured with this award,” Ms O’Donoghue told Northside People .
“Thanks to her quick thinking, her brother is still alive. She is our hero and it’s great to see her being recognised.
“Amy said to me that it wouldn’t matter if she got an award or not, so long as she still has her little brother.
“I think what she did was so great, no prize can ever match the reward for us of still having our son. What she did was such a great act. (Dublin People)

It's more than likely that none of the eight partners in 1997, who began the idea of creating the Cooperative Quesera Guriamen three years ago, then thought that over time they would receive an award at the World Cheese Awards, which are like the Oscars. In addition, they have a grant of 120,000 euros, granted recently by the Town Council of Fuerteventura, to support a marketing campaign. It has led them to consolidate the Majorero market, with up to 60% of production destined for Gran Canaria, and they are also getting a foothold in the neighboring island of Lanzarote. On the agenda for the future includes the production of yoghurt and packaging of goat milk.
The future is uncertain, but Guriamen seems to have found a magic potion.

The Polish tourist board presented at the Rio Hotel Calma its new catalogue for the upcoming summer season to 200 agents from Poland. The president and the minister of tourism of the Town of Fuerteventura, Mario Cabrera and Agueda Montelongo, respectively, and Arturo Claver, representing Turespaña (OTS Warsaw), the president of the company, Mariusz Janczuc who gave the catalogue to the agents. Montelongo encouraged the Polish to enjoy a destination that it considered "a priority in the expectations that have Fuerteventura before the opening of new markets", while Cabrera emphasized the good climate of the island as one of the main attractions offered to their visitors, along with "an impressive supply of beach tourism and nautical tourism and recreation throughout the year, just a few hours by plane from Poland. Janczuk announced that according to the tradition of the company, "the destination that welcomes the congress, experienced a growth of around 300 percent in sales volume of holiday and tourist packages the following year.

The Minister of Defense, Carme Chacon, said today that the range in Pájara on Fuerteventura, are being taken adequate security measures with the objective to preserve environmental conditions in all its facilities. The minister of defense said if simulators could substitute for the actual training on the ground, they would, but noted that "for now" everything can not be simulated. She stressed that the Ministry of Defense always sought the action that "has the least possible impact on the population," trying to "help protect traditional uses" in the vicinity of the shooting range and customs of local residents. She reminded us that they have signed a partnership agreement with the mayor of Pájara that "allows fishermen to their travel through the countryside and even has parking to facilitate their tasks." Chacon has stressed, we require a lot of the military, "not only comply with our constitutional mission, but to also collaborate on missions for peace and international security" and this requires that the military have the necessary "equipment and training", which only the fields as in the area of Pájara can supply.

The Counsellor of Public Works for the Government of the Canary Islands, Juan Ramón Hernández, announced this Monday in parliament that in early 2009, in writing. the expansion project and the environmental impact study of the port of Corralejo. This was announced on Monday, through a press release, detailing that an investment of 35 million euros, for new facilities which will allow several ferries to dock and have a marina with a capacity of 650 berths. Hernandez said that his department has already had up to 15 alternative designs for the port.

Omara Portuondo, the Cuban singer performed at the Insular Auditoriium in Puerto del Rosario on the 26th November. The star, who has been in the business for 60 years, sang a repertoire of her most famous songs, which include jazz, bossanova, rumba and bolero.

Officer Keith Breiner, suspended from the police force in Texas, for crossing the line during an undercover prostitution sting (he actually had sex) defended himself by saying "It was a job sir. I didn't have pleasure doing it. It was something I did for the city."
Police in Covington, arrested Gregory Griggs, 19,at the USA Motel, a suspected drug market. Though several people were booked the night, Griggs was the one wearing the T-shirt that read "It's Not Illegal Unless You Get Caught."

20th November
The resignation of the director of the hospital and 23 supervisors threatens the emergency services. The 24 people who submitted their retirement application based their decision on the happenings in the hospital. The open warfare against the manager of the Hospital, initiated in the first place by the doctors of emergency department, because they disagreed with the new measures that the manager tried to impose in the organization of the service. Claiming the majorera health service would end up third-world standard.
The Irish airline of Ryanair will close all the routes from and towards the Spanish airport of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands, if the Grouping of Economic Interest of Tourist Development of Fuerteventura (AIE) does not fulfill the effective commercial agreements.
According to the vice-president of the airline, Michael Cawley, IEA have 30 days to fulfill its “contractual obligations”. “If they do not do it, we will no choice but to cancel all the flights in Fuerteventura from 31st January 2009”, noted the executive, who explained that Ryanair generates “enormous income” thanks to more than “250,000 passengers” who travel every year to the island with Ryanair. As the numbers of Spanish tourism lower, Cawley added, Ryanair continues growing. Nevertheless, IEA threatens the survival of the local tourism by refusing to perform one's contractual duty. The Irish airline, leader of economic flights in Europe, already cancelled the flight on Thursdays between the airports of Fuerteventura and Dublin in October, which meant the loss of 20,000 tourists, according to data from the company. Ryanair offers connections with Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany, and generates about 250 jobs.

Agents with the British tourist board, who have met with a delegation from Fuerteventura at the World Travel Market in London, have assured them that the island will maintain its current parameters of passengers. The promotional initiatives undertaken by the Board and the Ministry of Tourism of Fuerteventura in London, have had a great reception in the current fair.

The commercial pier in Puerto del Rosario could be inoperative for the next 24 days, if the pilots, carry out the strike announced when they weren't paid. The company has filed a notice of strike with the Port Authority, and are awaiting the response from their employers. The sailors who ferry the pilots to ships seeking to enter or leave the dock in the capital of Fuerteventura, still have to collect their pay for October. Although they remain open to any negotiation with the company, they have announced that for two hours in the time slot between 1100 and 1300 hours after the 24th, they will stop providing their services. Normally, that time slot they usually operate the boat from the Naviera Armas' Volcano of Tejeda. Pilots, are responsible for the company's boats and equipment necessary for the service, and not only man the boats, but do administrative tasks involved also.

In March next year the spa 'Messier' is expected to open in Puerto del Rosario, an initiative of the group Majorero businesses to fill the gaps in leisure and health felt in the capital Fuerteventura. Under the premise of 'health through water', the architect Daniel Padron has designed a project that recreates not just a spa, but an ambitious multidisciplinary project, which combines entertainment, wellness and physical activity to health, not only for the inhabitants of the capital, but for the rest of municipalities and the thousands of tourists arriving in port. On the ground floor are located areas of entertainment, play pool, treatment room, sauna, jet treatments, steam baths, as well as a therapeutic area, with a rehabilitation swimming pool. The first floor will have private treatment areas and rehabilitation of physical well-being and fitness.

A 48 year-old-man was seriously injured when his car left the FV2 near Puerto del Rosario. Firemen were called to the scene and had to cut the man from the wreckage, where he was found to have serious head injuries. After being stabilised at the scene, the victim was transferred to the nearby hospital.

The City council of La Oliva has begun to equip new facilities on the beaches of the municipality to improve the service for users and to improve its image. The mentioned Plan incorporates the installation of toilets, first aid stations, showers, cycle parks and wastebaskets. Two treated pine paths have been laid near Tres Islas and Oliva Beach hotels, each approximately 100mtrs long. Also the beaches of Corralejo and El Cotillo will be upgraded. They are going to install three toilets with clothes space, two first aid stations, a total of 105 wastebaskets, six outer showers with foot baths, 20 cycle parks , 21 masts for flags, five turrets to monitor beaches, five amphibious chairs for monitoring, two chairs for handicapped people, two movable chairs for monitoring. The councilman of Tourism, considers that this investment “is needed because our beaches are, at the moment, our main attraction and all these services are going to make these spaces better for the public”, and adds, “finally the beaches are going to have functional and modern showers, wastebaskets and turrets”.


14th November

The property scene on the Canary Islands may be boosted by the launch of new flights to the archipelago by low-cost airline Ryanair. Liverpool John Lennon Airport (JLA) has announced that the budget carrier is to commence new services next month that will fly from the city to Tenerife and Fuerteventura. John Pakey, the deputy chief executive of JLA's owners Peel Airports Group, said he expected the flights, part of a package of seven new Ryanair services, would be welcomed by the public who will enjoy getting away, "especially the sunny Canary Islands for some winter sun". Such extra flights will provide more access to the islands for those who buy property there, while also potentially increasing the number of tourists who may rent buy-to-let property. In a separate announcement, Ryanair has also said it is launching a new service to Fuerteventura from Birmingham.

The dutch low-cost fare airline has started operations from Billund and Copenhagen airports in Denmark. - The Danish market is attractive,” says CCO Willem Hondius. Sterling Airlines, a Danish low-cost airline that transported around 4.5 million passengers a year, filed for bankruptcy on October 29, 2008. At that time, the airline discontinued all its flights with immediate effect. Due to the disappearance of Sterling Airlines, sees good opportunities on the Danish market. - The Danish market is attractive,” says Willem Hondius, Chief Commercial Officer.
- We see many opportunities on the charter market as well as the Danish market for regularly scheduled flights, especially for routes that appeal to tourists.”’s activities are seasonal in nature; the airline makes more flights during the summer than in the winter. This means that the company has the capacity available to launch this operation on such short notice. startet operating flights for a major Danish tour operator from Billund Airport on November 6, 2008. The destinations for these flights are Fuerteventura, the Azores (Punta Delgada), Hurghada, Las Palmas and Tenerife.

The British tourist board has met the delegation of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura in London and have ensured that the island maintain its current parameters of passengers, as revealed during meetings between the two parties that have taken place over the past few days. The promotional initiatives undertaken by the Board and the Ministry of Tourism of Fuerteventura in London, as have been the tour subjective 'FuerteventuraVisión' to the island and the agreement with the London School of Marketing, have had a great reception in the current edition of the fair. Councillor for Tourism in the island Corporation, Agueda Montelongo, said that "these rounds of meetings have enabled us to open new lines of work with the British entrepreneurs very interested in the island, while they have given us the opportunity to glimpse an overall vision of predictions for the future of Fuerteventura in the British tourism market.

Google Earth is the best example of how geographic information has become popular and anyone can approach with a single click on a mouse any place of the world. Something similar is happening with the territorial information and its consultation on the part of the citizens thanks to Infrastructures of Spatial data (IDE) that are being created. For the past few months any user can access all the geographic information produced by the Government of the Canary Islands. This universalisation of the existing spatial data comes to support the citizens and also local administrations, that will be able to make use of this computer science system, available on the Internet, to help with its own planning. The IDE Canary includes a geographic viewfinder in three dimensions, search text outpost of the geographic data base, consults city-planning of the planning of more than 40 municipalities, basic maps, thematic maps (buildings, geologic and vegetation) or cartography of natural spaces.

The cause of the death is not confirmed, although police sources state that there are two possibilities: intoxication or suicide of the woman, who was found in a vehicle by the sea. At Giniginamar, in Tuineje, when finding a vehicle semisubmerged in the border of the beach  the local police were alerted. Immediately the Services of Emergencias, Civil Guard, Local Police, Firemen and Civil defense of Tuineje moved into the place to investigate. In the vehicle they found the body of a woman of about 60 years of age, of foreign nationality.

The City of La Oliva, through the Department of Environment, and the NGO Clean Ocean Project with a good group of volunteers cleaning up near the port of Corralejo. The intention focused mainly on eliminating the cigarette butts which are stuck in the rocks around the edge of the coastline. People throw the cigarette butts out to sea, which sweeps them up on the rocks and they get stuck, and to remove them requires a thorough manual scraping. The City Council handed out bags and gloves and a snack for people who joined this initiative promoted by Clean Ocean Project. The cigarette butts are hugely polluting, said specialists, as it takes 50 years to become bio-degradable, they are also harmful to marine fauna. Estimates indicate that a single butt causes pollution to at least eight liters of sea water.

Most of the water sports centers operating in Fuerteventura are illegal. More than half of the schools are illegal, they do not have liability insurance, and the teachers are not qualified or possess certificates in first aid. Regardless of the legality of the centers, at stake is the safety of  beach users, in the absence of qualified and identified areas in order to impart lessons, which causes teachers and students mingle with bathers. The Municipality of La Oliva aims to sort these activities on its coastline, as currently there are no regulations on them. The rest of the Town Councils are in the same situation with the presence of nautical centers on its beaches in an irregular manner.

Deaths on the roads Fuerteventura from traffic accidents have fallen to just under half in the months that have elapsed compared to the previous year. Speeding or inappropriate speed remains a leading cause of death.

The first group of loggerhead turtles have hatched in Fuerteventura, from the eggs that were brought two months ago from Cape Verde to reintroduce the species there. Over the next few days the rest of the eggs are scheduled to hatch.


7th November

Lanzarote’s Arrecife airport was closed for several hours last Friday after an Air Europa jet failed to stop at the end of the runway after landing in wet conditions. Flights were diverted to other Canary Islands including Fuerteventura and Tenerife so the aircraft could be towed from its resting place close to the airport’s perimeter fence. The flight, which took off from Glasgow in the early hours of Friday morning, had 74 people onboard but no one was hurt. Thomas Cook later confirmed all customers had been transferred to their hotels. An Air Europa spokesman said: “The runway was wet and the plane skidded off its normal trajectory. All the passengers left the plane and are fine.”

Many Britons hope to leave the grey skies, drizzle and overcooked turkey at home this year, by jetting off to enjoy the festive season abroad, according to the findings of a recent survey. The poll by travel search engine revealed that 60 per cent of Brits wanted to go abroad this Christmas, despite the ongoing credit crunch and financial crisis putting pressure on the budgets of many people. In a recent article, the Dail;y Mirror compiled a list of top winter sun destinations which included Fuerteventura.

The Government of Morocco wish to restart the sea route between Fuerteventura and the port of Tarfaya, interrupted last April 30th following the sinking of the ship Assalam. The Moroccan authorities, among which was the chairman of the Investment Center of Morocco, offered an extensive explanation of the economic conditions that exist in Tarfaya, a city inhabited by 6,000 people, where the fishing industry is one of its main sources of economic wealth and which has excellent potential for tourism. The Chairman of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Fuerteventura, appreciated this meeting and called for reinstating the shipping line that will allow Morocco to boost sales of trade to and from the island of Fuerteventura.

A group of trained dogs particpated in a rescue event, carried out in the upper area of El Matorral, organised so that Fuerteventura could learn about animal training for rescue situations.

The 5th Deep Fishing Tournament was reduced to one day because of the weather. However, around 30 vessels participated in the tournament. The Childrens Fishing competition was a great success on a beautiful day in Puerto Castillo. All fish caught were released back into the ocean. The winner in this section had 12 catches.

La Caixa recently stopped over in Puerto Rosario. It is a scientific sailing boat that sails around th
e coasts of mainland Spain and the Islands coasts for 2 years. Its objective is the preservation of marine ecosystems through enviroment education, rescue and recuperation of marine species in danger of extinction, and research.

Between the 10th and 16th November, the Association Canariculores Maxorata, will be celebrat
ing the 5th Competition/Exhibition of canary breeding. Many varieties of the birds, including some very rare breeds, will be exhibited.

The municipality of Antigua is the only one in Fuerteventura that will reach blood self-sufficiency by the end of the year.

The Council of Puerto Rosario aims to make it cheaper to purchase low consumption light bulbs thanks to the collaboration of various establishments from the capital. Thus not only contibuting to slowing down the climate change process, but also promoting an energy saving culture.

The work license granted in 2003 by the ex- mayor, for the 4 star hotel, connected to the golf course in El Cotillo, has been declared null and void. The City council of La Olivia decided to cancel the license.

The Town hall of Fuerteventura inaugurated a new store of crafts and typical cheeses of the island, in the airport, which triples its size.

News Of The Weird
The university of Central Florida have concluded South African squirrels, if human, would have penis's 13 inches long.
Debt collectors in Spain are leggally allowed to humiliate debtors in front of relatives and neighbours,and are thus quite succesful. One collectors employees make flamboyand house calls in top hat and tails, anothers are dressed as Franciscan friars, one company sends bagpipe players to annoue th debt to the entire neighbourhood. One debtor hurriedly paid his daughters wedding tab when the collector found the guest list and began billing each attendee for his or her share of the debt.
At Ada Barak's spa in Isreal, patrons can relax for a session in which snakes,large and small, crawl over their bodies, massaging and even nibbling. Result: something deep and peaceful.
A parchutist , part of an army ceremony in Kansas, was blown 50 yards off course and crashed into the band , injuring 3 musicians and destroying 2 tubas.



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