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31 October

Ryanair has launched 14 brand-new services from Birmingham Airport, including a route to Fuerteventura. Ryanair now operates a choice of over thirty destinations from Birmingham including flights to Dublin, Barcelona (Girona), Porto, Oslo (Torp), Bratislava, Stockholm (Skavsta), Biarritz and many more destinations.
Ryanair’s Sales and Marketing UK Executive Laura McCormack said: “We are delighted to introduce these fantastic new routes from Birmingham Airport today. There is a great demand for low-cost travel in Birmingham. While other airlines are pulling flights and reducing frequencies, Ryanair is committed to growth.
“To celebrate, Ryanair is offering flights from Birmingham across our network from an amazing £1* one way including airport taxes and charges. Ryanair guarantees the lowest fares and no fuel surcharge ever. We urge passengers to log onto immediately, as these fares will be snapped up fast.”
Ryanair is also to launch new flights from Liverpool to Fuerteventura and the inaugural flight from Stansted flew this week.

At the World Travel Market in London, between the 10th and 13th of November, a pavilion that will exhibit in graphics the islands as a unique tourist destination will be launched. The Islands will be promoted in in this way in future at international and national fairs. The new design of the pavilion has a great circular screen ten meters in diameter, installed inside the enclosure, which will surround the visitors with a succession of images of the archipelago in 360 degrees.

Claudina Morales, the ousted mayoress of La Oliva, has been made president of the Canarias Consortium party for the whole of the Canaries.

At least 50 students will be needed to register for the first course at the Medical School of Fuerteventura for it to be viable. The course is planned for 2009/2010. A study concludes that in Fuerteventura there is sufficient demand for this course. This university degree will be first that is distributed actually in Fuerteventura, although in the Islands there are already another five places in the National University which can be attended at a distance If the project goes ahead, Fuerteventura and its inhabitants could then enjoy the advantages of having a university on the Island.

Security, catering and health care services, are the main complaints from tourists who visit Fuerteventura. This was the result of a survey conducted on 1647 tourists between July 30th and Aug 10th by a company in Tenerife.
According to the institution Fuerteventura has reached 71.3% tourist satisfaction, while the recommendation and retention rates were at their highest peaks, above 90 percent.

International artists, creative workshops, music and space for discussion on art have focused the cultural offerings of Fuerteventura's capital throughout the week, in the International Sculpture Symposium. All the artists had to use recycled rubbish for their materials. Figures with chicken wire decorated with nails, plates and other materials now decorate the city. This is the workshop of Ariane Garnier, who was born in Costa Rica. One of the surprises is the girls, made with tape and filled newspaper, the work of American Mark Jenkins. Hundreds of people have been able to observe and even participate in this seventh anniversary of the International Symposium of Sculpture in Puerto del Rosario. They have had the opportunity to enter into the art of recycling, and the importance of bringing creativity to any piece of material. It was a good excuse to get closer to the sculptors. Throughout Thursday and Friday, the Centro de Arte Juan Ismael hosted conferences by Rosario Aleman, a professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; Parramón Ramon, a professor at the University Pampeu Fabra; Felix Duque, director of the Center Galego of Contemporary Art and Horst Hoheisel, among others.

The City council of Puerto Rosario will not display its normal Nativity Scene this year due to the economic crisis. Since a great part of payment for the display comes from the commercial sector of Puerto Rosario, the City council agreed that it was not the appropriate moment to request monies from the companies.

Muri Chilton, serving a life sentence for the rape and murder of a 15 year old girl, was awarded $2,500 by a Canadian Federal Court judge in September as compensation solely for feeling "utterly humiliated" in 2000 when guards roared with laughter after he mangled his thumb in a prison workshop accident.
In September, alleged flasher Patrick Dodenhoff, fled after a report of indecent exposure, police chasing him finally caught up and arrested him at a well-known local nude beach.
A 38 year old woman described as "very large" was using the abductor thigh-tightening machine at a Gym in Harlem. She failed to dismount properly and was sling-shot off, across the room, startling other gym users.
Pastor Jeff Harlow attempted to illustrate a sermon on "unity" by riding a dirt bike onto the stage in front of the congregation, however, he lost control, fell off the stage and broke his wrist.

23 October

The City council of La Oliva has announced the creation of a company to be in charge of the management and promotion of the municipality as a tourist destination until the year 2020. This initiative is one of the solutions, as the council tries to revitalize the tourist potential of localities like Corralejo or El Cotillo.

More than 90 canarian cheese and wine companies met in the Agricultural Museum the Patio of Tiagua, in Teguise. Majorero cheese is exquisite when accompanied by a good wine. Nevertheless, the majority of residents do not know it is made in the Canary Islands so the chamber of commerce organized a celebration for these companies. Products of all the islands were sent to other Spanish zones like the Basque Country, the two Castillas and Madrid.

Fuerteventura has become the island which has more mobile classrooms in the archipelago. The island of Fuerteventura has a total of 41 pre-fabricated modules. Councilor for Education, Universities, Culture and Sports Executive of the regional, Milagros Luis, acknowledged this fact in the course of a parliamentary committee and said that Puerto del Rosario has the greatest number of these classrooms, a total of 20, and there are seven in the municipality of La Oliva, then six in Antigua, six and two in Tuineje and Pájara which guarantee an education for boy and girl majoreros. Milagros Luis, who appeared at the request of the parliamentary group of CC, to report the start of the school year in Fuerteventura, recalled that "due to population growth that has swept through this island, the demand for places at schools in areas such as Puerto del Rosario has been very important. " The counsellor did not hesitate to invite members of the parliamentary Committee of Education to accompany him to visit one of the mobile classrooms in the center of the archipelago. He stated the mobiles "are comfortable as they have air conditioning, bathrooms that are adapted for children and the doors are sound proofed." During his speech, the minister criticized the PSOE in the Canary Islands for calling them "barracks", when "in the Andalucia Manuel Chaves they call them shells." The nationalist Lidia Padilla recalled that due to the sharp population increase, Fuerteventura Island has suffered "significant gaps in educational infrastructure," but stressed that "society has been able to agree to demand that the government wanted a breakthrough and an update on educational infrastructre."

Of those fishermen who, more ago than half century ago, bought land or houses but did not register them. Six cases in the Supreme Court has legitimized their ownership that the Delval International has disputed for the last four years. Brothers, Manuel and Marcos Figueroa Soda bought two houses in Corralejo in 1967. This week, 41 years later, Manuel finally can sleep peacefully because the Supreme Court (TS) has confirmed it is his property against the mercantile organization the Delval International that, in 2001, registered all the ground of the old Corralejo in its name. In the six cases, the TS declares that the sentences, in the first and second instance, are in favor of the residents of Corralejo. The other eleven cases awaiting a decision feel that the TS has set a precedent.

Fuerteventura has eight Zones of Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA), approved by the Government of the Canary Islands and the European Union. The last one that was catalogued is where Monteagudo is located, the zone proposed to install the future power plant. In it lives 34% of the population of hubaras of the Island (about 63 units), two or three pairs of guirres (an endemic subspecies in danger of extinction), engañamuchachos and other high-priority species for the programs of protection and conservation ordered by the European Union.

Two members of the Guardia Civil of Fuerteventura are to join forces with the Moroccan police for the collaboration between Spain and Morocco in the fight against illegal immigration. This time two officers have been posted from the Institute's Armed Fuerteventura, the Maritime Service and the Pafite (Fiscal Patrol Land), have been transferred to the Sahara to participate in joint operations. They arrived last Sunday and will stay in Laayoune until this coming Friday. During their time there, they have not intercepted any boat with illegal immigrants bound for the Canaries, although they have been informed that at least four boats could have left for the islands. Once they complete their stay in Laayoune, the Moroccan gendarmes will be moving for a week to bases of the Civil Guard in Spain, to further deepen relations between the two bodies and make further progress in the coordinated fight against the networks trafficking human beings.

15th October

Alternative flights have been booked for Irish passengers affected by the closure of low cost Spanish airline LTE.
The company had been booked for charter flights by Irish travel agency Panorama Sunworld, and was due to service flights this weekend from Dublin and Cork to Majorca, Fuerteventura, and Lanzarote.
Replacement craft have been sourced to fly these routes, but there will be time changes. Passengers are being contacted. A helpline number for intending passengers has been set up. It is 0818-202020.

A FAMILY were thrown off a holiday jet after downing a litre of vodka and abusing staff.
The Thomas Cook flight from Glasgow to Fuerteventura had to make an emergency stop when the boozed-up couple and their son turned aggressive.
The pilot was forced to divert the Fuerteventura-bound jet to Faro, Portugal, on Saturday night when cabin crew raised the alarm.
The trio started causing trouble shortly after take-off. They refused to listen to staff and would not sit in their seats.
Frightened cabin crew alerted the pilot and the troublemakers were eventually dumped off the flight and handed over to Portuguese police.
Stunned passengers watched as the family continued their torrent of abuse as they were led off the plane. They were arrested and later released.
Diverting the flight caused a major headache for the airline, with subsequent flights delayed by hours. It is believed the diversion cost up to £10,000.
One source on the plane said: "The family were really drunk and downing a litre of vodka.
"They wouldn't listen to the crew who were trying to get them to settle down and sit quietly.
"The poor staff were asking them to buckle up their seat belts and stop disturbing other people but the passengers got quite aggressive towards them.
"It was a frightening experience the way they were acting. There were people with young children on board looking forward to a holiday and all of a sudden these people kicked off.
"No one was particularly happy the flight had to divert to Portugal but we were relieved the people were put off the plane."
Flight TCX507, which took off from Glasgow at 6.30pm on Saturday, continued to Fuerteventura.
A spokeswoman for Thomas Cook said the airline took a tough line on violent passengers.
She said: "For the health, safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew, we do not tolerate violent or abusive behaviour on our flights.
"The captain diverted the aircraft to Faro, so that three disruptive passengers could be removed. It was met by local police who arrested them.
"There are a lot of factors involved in diverting the flight, including the inconvenience to passengers, the cost of landing at the airport and the knock-on effect to subsequent flights."

Up to 23.3 tons of mussels will be relocated in Ajuy and Jandía with the purpose of the recovery of the species, that has not improved in spite of 4 years of banning collection. These additional stocks arrive on 20th October. The Council of Environment of the Insular Town hall will place special devices, four in the west coast (Ajuy) where the Perna perna traditionally is located, and also two in the east coast (Jandía). Smartlines are lines that consist of a tube of 126 meters in length and 25 centimeters of diameter, from which hangs a network of 120 meters in length by 2.5 to 3 meters wide. Natalia Évora, advisor of Environment, explained that the system is based on the natural fixation of the larvae of mussel on the networks, on which the units grow, “without leaving the water at any phase of the culture”. The positioning of these lines of culture in several zones is made to try and identify which location offers the better results as far as larvaria fixation, growth of mussels and resistance of the system. The Majorero mussel, Perna perna, is one of the more important molluscs of Fuerteventura. They are dominant in the rocky zones of the coast of west due to the outcrop that takes place in this zone that enriches waters with nutrients. Mussel characteristics are a brown coloration with green tones, of small stature and chestnut tree and violet coloured in those of greater stature, of which have not been seen in Fuerteventura for years

The festival of Tuineje in honour of San Miguel Archangel, has just taken place. More followers every year come from not only different parts of Fuerteventura itself, but also Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, and the people become the real centre of this popular and festive event. From early afternoon, the town was already a hotbed of pilgrims dressed in their traditional costumes. Some 70 carriages and carts were paraded on the road to Corral Blanco, where hundreds of people were waiting impatiently the watch the spectacle. Tuineje has grown to be the largest and most crowded festival on the island and the residents of this southern town have succeeded in awakening the parade with more fervour and tradition. After paying tribute to San Miguel, the fiesta continued in the area surrounding the church.

After a modelling competition in England, the barren sand dunes of Fuerteventura’s renowned beaches provided the perfect backdrop for the winning models first professional photo shoot. Charlotte Martin wore designer clothes and sunglasses from Joanna’s Closet in Ulverston. Wearing the tribal outfits that went down a storm in the final, the girls struck primeval poses in the sweltering heat before cooling off in the sea for more sizzling shots. The four girls were selected from a shortlist of six by a judging panel of former Modelling Competition winners Kirsty Price and Erin Hargreaves and photographer Mike Kells who have accompanied them on the week-long trip. After posing in the surf, Georgia Andrews, a 17-year-old beauty therapy student, said: “I thought the tribal theme was fab and it was great wearing our outfits again.” Basketball star Paige Livingston utilised her athleticism to create some energetic poses for the shoot. The 17-year-old said: “It was so much fun. I was jumping around everywhere and I couldn’t stop laughing.” Rebecca Harrison, a sales administrator, said: “I really loved my first photo-shoot and the landscape really helped me get in character.” Charlotte Martin, 19, was delighted with the results. She added: “It was my first photo shoot and I am so pleased with my pictures. I can’t believe it’s me.” For the second shoot Paige, of Victoria Avenue, Barrow said: “My purple dress picture is my favourite so far, but if I could describe my experience in one word I would say... sweaty!” Also wearing purple Becca, of Rydal Road, Ulverston, said: “This photo shoot was hard because of the heat but rewarding because the pictures are so good.” Looking stunning in a chiffon dress with a plunging, beaded halterneck, Charlotte, of Anson Street, Barrow, said: “I found this photo shoot really challenging and I put everything into it. Wearing a crimson and black dress Georgia looked striking against the sun-bleached backdrop. Georgia, of Conway Gardens, Walney, commented: “Eighty degrees, no shade, no wind, hot and clammy – what more can I say? Oh yeah, awesome and exciting!” The third photo shoot was at sunset with the girls modelling Vivienne Westwood sunglasses from Joanna’s Closet, with their own bikinis. The photo-shoot had to be wrapped up quickly to coincide with the sun going down. “This was definitely my favourite,” said Charlotte. “It was mental getting direction off the Kells team and having to work so fast. If a pose hurts that means it works,” added Becca.

La Oliva council is trying to stop the harassment of tourists, by the touts trying to get people in restaurants and bars, on the streets of Corralejo, with the Local Police controlling the situation. They have also been asked to manage the illegal working problem.

In Pajara the council is looking into sexual discrimination in the work place, after it was discovered only 29% of women were promoted compared to 71% of men.


October 10th

The City council of La Oliva is in debt to the value of 27 million euros. Almost 5 million euros must given back to the promoters of the Partial Plan Coast of the Light, anticipated to develop in El Cotillo and cancelled by the Council. 25 million euros were from left over from the last government. 3 million euros were for Social Security; 2.5 million to the Fomento company; 14 million to their suppliers, and 5.5 million in bank loans. A loan of 6 million coming from ICO gives very low interest, that begins to pay back in 2011 and which has allowed the start if “very important works” in the municipality. Also 2.2 million euros are destined to Corralejo to decentralize services and to get them as the most important nucleus of the municipality, and 500,000 euros for the purchase of the premises for cultural activities in the place of the Molino de Oliva. In short, the debt is in works, buildings and infrastructures for the municipality.

The Court of Contentious-administrative Nº 2 of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria has annulled the work license granted by the city council of Yaiza to construct 150 apartments in one of the parcels of the Papagayo Coast, in Playa Blanca. According to the Foundation, “the reason for the cancellation of the license has been, because of the absence of the report of compatibility with the Insular Plan of Arrangement of the Territory (PIOT)”. The court stated the omission of the compatibility report cannot be accepted by this Room because it has to consider information to stop superfluous and unnecessary building.

The airline company Ryanair announced last Friday, the cancellation of one of its three weekly flights between Fuerteventura and Dublin are in “breach” in its commercial agreements with the IEA (Grouping of the Economic Interest and Promotion of the Tourist Development of Fuerteventura) in failing its agreement to promote the flights of this airline. One of the most important low cost European airlines will cancel, from the 6th November, the flight to Dublin of Thursdays from Fuerteventura. This cancellation could result in the loss of 20,000 Irish tourists, according to data from the company.

The Army of the Canary Islands and the City of Pájara have reached an agreement to allow access to civilians to the firing range on the Ministry of Defense land which lies in the south of Fuerteventura. According to the agreement, which was initiated this week, entry to the field, from the Penon Blanco and Casa de las Salinas, to a track that gives access to the beaches of La Solapa, Garcey and Vigocho. This part of Fuertevenura was always a communal area in which traditional craft work is done to obtain salt, seafood and fish, activities still present. A high amount archaeological remains are preserved there, along with the presence of large amount of animals of ethnographic interest. The agreement prohibits access to the countryside outside the set route, as well as camping or movement of people and vehicles outside the stated coastline, to ensure the safety of civilian staff and preventing possible damage or accidents. The Military Command of the Canary Islands has stated that "in exercising its responsibility to ensure the safety of people," and being sensitive to the traditions of the people Majorero and Pájara's neighbors in particular, "is ready to ensure access in time and space to its facilities."
However, this access can not have any limitation to the development of military education and military training. To increase security in the area, the Canary Command announced the improvement in the delineation and signs at the shooting range, as well as the installation of accurate information on tickets and access.

The Government of Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands Government will develop a program to eliminate sea urchins from the shores of the island, considering it an invasive species and classified as a plague that is impoverishing the coast Majorero. The chairman of the Town of Fuerteventura, Mario Cabrera, and the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food of the Government of the Canary Islands, Pilar Merino, yesterday signed a partnership agreement between the two institutions for the development of actions aimed at controlling the population of sea urchins. One species, they explained, whose proliferation on the coasts causes the so-called Clay Pit, acts negatively on the ecosystem by eliminating other species. The project has a budget of 50,000 euros, over a period of two years, and the possibility that the time will be extended if deemed necessary. The method is similar to that carried out on other islands in the Canaries and it is done to recover the rocky shoreline where the high density of sea urchins cause serious effects on biodiversity, especially in areas of commercial interest. The cleaning of the area selected will be conducted by divers from the lower edge of the algal coverage, which becomes the Clay Pit to a depth of about 20 meters, work that must be repeated every seven days during the first two months of the year.

The economis crisis has plunged the real estate business into real agony. The island has 8,000 new houses that have no outlet in the residential market, because many developers are threatened by embargoes of banks not to release the money for certificates. The president of the Confederation of Employers of Fuerteventura, Eduardo Hernandez, admitted the existence "of more than 8,000 homes without outlet. The situation is not only serious but difficult." According to Hernandez, who met with the President of the Cabildo, along with members of the Chamber of Commerce to discuss the current economic situation, "it will take many years for the construction sector to recover, because they must first sell all the stock of residential housing, before they can begin to build again. The significant increase in the population that Fuerteventura has seen in recent years, led to a demand for the housing developments. Faced with this situation, employers are suing majoreros institutions to put the island on public working, which will not only alleviate the crisis, but to help generate new employment opportunities.

Porretas figs, millet, jareas, pejines, peas, cheese and gofio were among the many products that parishioners offered to the Virgin of the Rosary. Hundreds of people, many of them wearing native costumes, participated in this traditional event. The procession of the image, involved 18 groups from all corners of Puerto Rosario. The church square of the capital of Fuerteventura and the May First Avenue became a caravan of multicolor where popular music and dance accompanied carts drawn by camels, cows and donkeys pulling a huge variety of products. The followers took the image of the Virgin out of the church and stood under a huge arch decorated for the occasion. Along with the patron, were the capital's parish priest, the president of the Cabildo, Mario Cabrera, the mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Marcial Morales, and the councilor of Celebrations, Pena Aguiar, who delivered the first basket of products to the Virgin . At his side, the queens of the festivities were accompanied by their bridesmaids. All the participating groups and many individuals who joined the offering, came with their presents and delivered several boxes of food that will be aimed at Cari-tas. Near the square were completely swamped, but this year the organizers took the initiative to install chairs for the audience to enjoy the three hours that the offering took.

The Civil Guard in Morro Jable, has denounced two people seized during a roadblock, who had a dozen shearwater chicks (Calonectris diomedea) and equipment to poach for them. The arrest is part of the system for monitoring and control of Fuerteventura against the killing of shearwater chicks. The events occurred at 1730 hours on Sunday, when the Civil Guard was conducting checks on the road to the Punta Morro Jable Jandía. The arrest occurred when the two hunters were returning from Punta Jandía after carrying out the poaching. The animals, identified by the security guards and agents of the Environment, were moved to a freezer to be kept as evidence until legal proceedings.
Cinderella is a shearwater seabird of scientific interest and protected as a 'species of special concern' in the National List of Threatened Species (Act 4 / 89 Conservation of Nature and of Wild Flora and Fauna), and Regional Catalog in Endangered Species of the Canary Islands (Decree 151/2001 dated July 23). In addition, the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, through the Ministry of the Environment, participates annually in the campaign for the protection of shearwaters, which takes place until mid-November, coinciding with the departure of the nest of the most young.
The public have asked citizens that if they find a shearwater chick injured or disoriented that they contact the Local Police, Civil Guard officers, security guards for the Environment or ring 112, as these birds can not be given any food or water as they have reserves of fat that allows them to survive.

Fuerteventura has a great tradition in the tourism and trade, and now has 1236 registered businesses.

Beach Jaruga of La Oliva was the scene of the death of a diver, whose disappearance was alerted mid-afternoon at the Coordinating Center for Emergency and Security regional 112. Staff from the Civil Guard and Maritime Rescue were deployed to assist in the search for the diver, whose body was finally located. It is not known who the victim was. The body of diver was finally recovered at 18.20 hours. Shortly after a surfer was in trouble when he was surfing in Pájara and was dragged by the current about 3 miles offshore at 18.40. The man was rescued unharmed after a while by local police officers who intercepted him more than two kilometers from the coast, sources reported.
In a third incident on this day, again near Pájara in Jandía Beach, at 18.45 hours, a swimmer found himself in difficulties in the sea, but was rescued in good health by firefighters from the town.


October 2nd

The island of Fuerteventura is nearer being declared by UNESCO a Reserve of the Biosphere. After receiving the approval of the Committee MAB (Man and Biospher) Spanish, dependent of the Ministry of Environment, and finalized on the Friday 19th September the official period of allegations without consideration problems appeared, the international committee of UNESCO will pronounce itself in Paris in the next few weeks.
Along with Fuerteventura, two other Spanish reserves aspire to the high environmental distinction, the mountain passes of Cantabria and the cross-border zone Gerés-Xurés located between Galicia and Portugal. At present 38 Reserves of the Biosphere exist in Spain, of which four are in the Canary Islands. It was necessary to modify the proposal with respect to the zones nucleus, with a view to equipping with a greater protection the ornithological biodiversity. Also the geology section was extended, “because Fuerteventura is between the 100 enclaves of greater geologic interest of the world”, explains the advisor, who considers that “the hardly presented/displayed project can improve”. The approval of this new canary Reserve arrives at the correct time, because the Ministry of Environment has announced its commitment along with financial support to this type of spaces in Spain. The Reserve of the Biosphere of Fuerteventura is promoted by the Council of Environment of the majorero Town hall, and it is based on the balance between the protection of the natural values of the island and the sustainable development of the traditional human activities like agriculture, the cattle ranch and crafts.
In its opinion, the sustainability of a territory with as an important natural value as Fuerteventura cannot settle down without considering that at present the main economic sector in the island is the tourism. A sector that this declaration is wanted to harness through eco-tourism. The proposal of Reserve of the Biosphere of Fuerteventura includes all the insular territory and a coastal strip of five miles in the west and three miles for the rest of the island. Once this declaration is obtained on the part of UNESCO, the majorero Town hall it tries to secure the Spanish Government to accept the declaration of the National Park of barren zones of Fuerteventura.

Bank Santander lost 4.21% in the Stock , up to 10.46 Euros, after announcing that it will buy part of the nationalized Bradford & Bingley.

The cured goat cheese with the covering of pimentón and gofio of the Cheese factory of Arico, in Tenerife, has been awarded the best cheese in the world in the World Cheese Awards 2008, that take place in Dublin, among more than thousand five hundred products worldwide. The Islands is won four gold medals in this year. The medals have gone to Property of Uga and the Cheese factory of Arico, Maxorata and Guriamen de Fuerteventura, Property of Uga - Lanzarote.

A region of the municipality of La Oliva, 20,000 square meters, in El Cotillo to allow a waste water purifier to be constructed, announced municipal sources. The mayoress, Rose Fernandez, signed yesterday that Eduvigio Alberto Goatherd gives to the municipality a lot of 20,000 square meters located in the Masmorrilla, a zone located between the towns of El Roque and El Cotillo.

The Bella Aida, the largest of the luxury ships that arrive in Fuerteventura in this season of cruises. The Cabildo Majorero hosted a welcome event, to the rhythm of traditional music and batucada, to the 1,800 passengers of that ship upon arrival in Puerto del Rosario, with the presence of many regional and island authorities. The cruise season runs from end of September until March 2009, and it is expected to increase visitors by around 13 percent, according to estimates by the Tourist Board. Last season 41,000 tourists came to Fuerteventura by this means, a 29% increase over the previous year, which shows a steady increase in this sector. The president of the Cabildo Majorero, Mario Cabrera, said that with the launch of this port infrastructure "begins a new stage for Fuerteventura, which will allow us to get in the best conditions for tourists who visit us via cruise ship and begin exploring a new facet tourism for the island. " For his part, the Minister of Tourism, Agueda Montelongo, added that "from now on we must get down to work to ensure that the island becomes a main port, which would mean that many cruises start and finish their journeys from here, which would strongly increase the overnight stays of thousands of tourists who would seize the opportunity to spend a few days in Fuerteventura. " A total of 18 buses departed completely full from the port with passengers of the Bella Aida, bound for various locations in Fuerteventura on a tour that had already been booked by the visitors.

Agents of the Environment of Fuerteventura Hall, in collaboration with the Local Police in the municipality of La Oliva, has proceeded with the arrest of two people who performed illegal shellfishing from the beach Jaruga of Tindaya. Members of the Cabildo and the Local Police identified on Tuesday, Sept. 23rd, two individuals who were shellfishing in the area of Wind Point, near the Playa del Jaruga of Tindaya. They seized a total of 4 kilograms of species of Burgos' Osilinus' and limpets' Patella Tenius crenata 'and' Patella Candeias', the latter species are in danger of extinction.

The prosecution asked for 46 years of imprisonment for a man who is accused of killing an English couple from Fuerteventura. A jury will judge in November John Carmelo SA for this double murder, which occurred two years ago in La Oliva and shocked residents of the municipality Majorero. According to the prosecution the crime occurred in July 2006, when Brian David Johnson and his wife, Tina Jane Johnson, 60 and 58 years old, travelled by car to El Cotillo to collect the rent on several apartments. Both were engaged in clearing and collecting the rent of those buildings, one of which was occupied by Juan Carmelo and was three months in arrears. But that morning the tenant did not have money to pay off the debt, an argument arose and the defendant ended up hitting Tina's head repeatedly with a hammer. Minutes later, Brian called at the door in search of his wife, entered the home and was attacked in the same manner. The accused used two bags to cover the bodies from head to chest, and tied with a ribbon. He also hid the bodies with blankets and kept them at his house for an indefinite period, before he finally went by car to Malpaís of Mascona and buried them with stones.

Corralejo held its yearly cultural weekend with more cultures taking part than last year. Live music was provided as well as many different stalls, dedicated to the different countries represented. Unfortunately this years event did not seem as well advertised as in years previous and therefore was down on numbers of visitors.

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