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After almost 8 weeks of interest and involvement we have had so many questions about the Jambon snail crises we thought that we would publish the entire story and all the News reports in full here for you. 

Published: Thursday, 27 April 2017 10:01 – Tapas Shortage

Due to the inclement weather on the mainland, Spain has seen a huge increase in the numbers of the (locally known) “Jambon” Snail.

This snail is quite distinctive due to its shiny red appearance, not dissimilar to the color of Salami. The main difference between this and other snails is that they main feed on meat that is being “air dried” such as Serrano Ham or Jamon Iberico De Dellota (their particular favorite). This is leading to a potential Tapas Crisis on the mainland and many local bars are having to increase their prices for the customers and security in the kitchen. We will update you as the situation develops


Published: Thursday, 04 May 2017 10:04 - Jambon Snail Alert Continues

In continuation of our report last week on the ‘Jambon’ Snail (Click HERE if you missed it) we have had reports this week that the crises has indeed worsened. Several large escargatoire’s (the collective noun for snails) have been spotted in southern areas of mainland Spain.

In Almeria an escargatoire of about 50 snails was spotted heading towards a small remote village, they have been seen at various points over this week ranging from 1 mile away last Saturday through to half a mile away only 2 days back. Fears are that they could reach the village by Monday.

Over in Cordoba a small group of about 20 we seen by villagers entering a local delicatessen on Wednesday evening. Since then displays of dried meat have been removed from the window and shutters closed, sparking fears that the entire stock has been eaten or contaminated.

The largest escargatoire was videoed in Heulva – where a time lapse video camera was used to capture a movement of what was estimate to be almost 76 snails heading towards a remote meat curing facility. One local said to us “it was terrifying – to see all those ‘Jambon’ Snails in one place. We rarely see one or two normally”.

Local escargot specialist Dr Augustus Randell said to us “The manufacture of fermented meat products, such as raw hams or dry sausages is an example, where drying is one processing component amongst several others. To have an extended shelf life, fermented products need to lose moisture during their fermentation, they are dehydrated or “dried” to a certain extend. This Drying and fermentation process is what attracts the snails. They can sense the moisture in the air and know that it is from meat drying. The biggest concern that we have here is the larger the groups get the more the delicatessens’ are at risk of attack. People should start to be concerned and think about their own safety and the safety of any meat that they have stored in their own house.

We will update you throughout the week


Published: Wednesday, 10 May 2017 10:04 - Village Surrounded As Snail Crisis Continues

For the last couple of weeks we have reported on the ever growing “Jambon Snail” crisis in mainland Spain.

We are sad to report that we have just had news in that just North of Mojácar is the small resort of Villaricos and this small village has just become the first to be completely cut off due to the Crisis.

In a shocking and unprecedented move the snails seem to have congregated around this village in their thousands completely sealing off all entrances and exits and with a strange coincidence the phone lines seem to be down so most communication with the village is being performed via semaphore.

In this village was one of the main curing plants for Iberico Ham and this is thought to be the main draw for the snails. However, officials looking at the plant form the air and through binoculars can’t see any workers entering or leaving the plant, this is raising serious concerns for people welfare and safety.

One villager that is trapped outside of the village said to us:

“I was out of the village just visiting some family on the coast, I can’t believe that I can’t get home due to these animals! I think that officials should take action and exterminate to make a path way to check for people’s safety”.

Discussions have been had around extermination of these animals, however some animal rights protesters have already started demonstrating to ensure their protection and are shouting for the safe removal and re homing of the snails. This task would take weeks and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds due to the sheer number of snails.

Some locals have tried luring the snails away to clear a path using small tapas dishes, however this has generally been unsuccessful and did lead to one person almost getting bitten themselves as they held out a very small plate of meatballs for the snails.

Everyone is wary as a bite could have serious implications.

We will update you when we know more.


Published: Thursday, 18 May 2017 10:54 - First snail bite of crises

A Villager in resort of Villaricos has been the first person bitten by a potentially harmful Jambon Snail as the crises continues in Mainland Spain.

If you haven’t been following this story as it develops then please click HERE for the previous articles

Andrea Presario has been bitten quite severely on her left hand and in several places up her arm as she attempted to clear a path for her family from the family home to the business premises. Andrea is currently being treated by professionals and regular tests taken to ensure that there has been no poisoning of her blood due to the number of the bites.

It is understood that the saliva of the Jambon snail contains small amounts of Toxins and if bitten enough times, it can have serious implications for ones health.

Test are expected to continue at the hospital for the next 48 hours.

A member of Andrea’s family said the following in an interview:

“It was just shocking to see, one moment she was holding out a plate of serrano ham croquetas with padrón peppers to try and lure the snails away and clear a path so that we could all reach safety. The next moment we believe she tripped while trying not to stand on a snail and at this point several snails moved in and took a bite of her arm. She shouted out an indignant cry, but there was just nothing we could do”

Profesionals are working on an Antitoxin in case there are further bites or Andrea’s condition gets any worse.

The Major of the area Sir Saturnino Martinez has instructed escargot specialist Dr Augustus Randell to come up with a solution within one week otherwise he will have no choice but to exterminate.

The thought of extermination has already started protests among animal rights groups in the area.

We will update you as we know more


Published: Tuesday, 23 May 2017 10:04 - Snail Protests as Extermination Begins

Protest and Animal Right Campaigners have started protesting at the extermination of the masses of Jambon Snails in the northern parts of mainland Spain.

If you haven't been following this unusal story then please click HERE for the previous articles.

Last week we reported that the Major of the area Sir Saturnino Martinez has instructed escargot specialist Dr Augustus Randell to come up with a solution within one week otherwise he will have no choice but to exterminate the animals and sadly although many attempts were made, (including: a trail of dried meat laid by the army to lure the snails away) nothing was successful.

Last week Andrea Presario was bitten in several places by a group of these snails and it has been discovered that toxins were passed into her blood stream, she is currently receiving treatment in the areas best facility.

Several protest groups have started campaigning regarding the extermination, the Spanish Chinese Community have taken particular offence at the move due to the high esteem in which they hold the animal.

snail china


Published Thursday 15th May 2017 10:17 - Snail Victim Survives as Protests Die Down

Andrea Presario has now been discharged from hospital after fully recovering from the hundreds of bites she received from the escargatoire’s (the collective noun for snails) of snails that surrounded her.

She said to us “it was horrific, there was nothing I could do. As I fell into the snails I knew that it was serious. I tried calling for help and even tried to reach out to a passer by. But they couldn’t get close enough. The last thing that I remember was what felt like hundreds of tiny pin pricks and then it is just blank”.

The tens of tens of people that were protesting regarding the extermination of the creatures have now started to dissipate. Marco Roberto was one of them and he said to us “it was extremely sad to think of all those little creatures being exterminated, however I do have a job to get back to and my French Restaurant won’t run itself”

Marco was s dedicated to the snails he even decided to take as many back to his restaurant as he could carry to give what he said would be “A proper Send off!”

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