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Murder charges dropped against uncle

Ivan Perez Gonzalez, who was charged with the death of a baby in Fuerteventura during the trial that was being held against the child's mother and her partner. Iván González, brother of the mother of the baby, has been released after giving evidence. The judge has not taken precautionary measures against the accused and has called for a forensic report to see if there are compatible injuries suffered by the baby, to match with Ivan's version of events. But the court kept the charges against the mother for murder and abuse, and against her partner for the same crimes, although as a case of murder by omission. After Ivans self confession, the couple accused of killing the child, who allegedly suffered continual abuse, were released on the first day of the trial. After the death of the baby the body was examined and bruises were found on various parts of the body, there were several broken ribs and other signs of abuse. At the start of the trial both denied having hurt the child.

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