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Eighth Canary Island Announced!!!


‘Paradise’ of La Graciosa with 710 residents and NO tarmac roads becomes the eighth Canary Island 

The tiny island has been named as the eight Canary and has beautiful whitewashed villas, just two small towns - and no cars, just bikes...



IF you've visited each one of the seven islands in the Canaries then you can now add an eighth to your bucket list. 

Boasting just 721 residents, no tarmacked roads and only 18 square miles in size, La Graciosa can now hold its own with Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro, Fuerteventura and La Gomera.

Spain's General Commission of the Autonomous Communities of the Senate has agreed that the island of La Graciosa can officially become the eighth inhabited Canary Island.

Locals have already issued a warning over attracting too many tourists, which could create a problem of over-crowding and putting too much strain on limited services and resources.

For now, however, campaigners are celebrating the victory which was spearheaded by the Popular Party and the local residents' group, the Council of Citizenship.

The archipelago of the Canaries actually encompasses 13 islands with just eight of them inhabited.

There are only two towns on La Graciosa, La Caleta del Sebo and Casas de Pedro Barba.

It is located to the northwest of Lanzarote, separated just a kilometer away by a stretch of sea known as "El Río" - which can be reached by a 15 minute ferry ride from Lanzarote


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