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A Milder Summer


After an unusually cold and rainy spring in Spain, it looks like the summer season could be milder than the past four years, according to a forecast from the national weather service, AEMET.


At a press conference, AEMET spokesperson Ana Casals said that there is no certainty that this summer will be less of a scorcher than those in recent memory, but that there is “no strong climatological signal” to suggest heat waves or higher temperatures than in previous years.

“This summer the forecast is not showing a clear signal, unlike other years when there were signs of a very hot summer ahead.”

The only clear signals are coming out of Catalonia, the Valencia region and the Balearic Islands, where the coming months are expected to be somewhat warmer than usual, and from the Canary Islands, where they could be milder.

As for rainfall, AEMET said that their models do not show any “significant or conclusive signs” of either more or less rain than average in the coming months.

The weather service also noted that this spring has been the wettest since 1965

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