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Children involved in robberies.

 Seven young people, including five children, were arrested this week for stealing from the same house twice in Tuineje in Fuerteventura, and who later shared the 20,000 euros in cash that they took.



Officers of the Guardia Civil reported that they first knew about this incident from a resident of the Municipality of Tuineje, who told the police that several people had entered his house earlier this month.

In the first robbery, the alleged thieves entered the house with a previously stolen key, and stole 20,000 euros in cash, and the during the second alleged robbery incident, the thieves accessed the house through a roof door and took one gold chain.

When police investigated the incident, and took witness statements, they were able to identify the alleged thieves, who were mostly students from schools in Gran Tarajal.

According to witnesses, the young people shared the amount with other children in the municipality, who took advantage of the money to buy the latest generation mobile phones and expensive watches.

It is reported that three young people, one of 18 years of age and another two of 16 years of age, without police records, were arrested as alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with force.

Two other boys, aged 18 years and 11 years, were investigated for the same action, but one was exempt from responsibility give his age. Other children were investigated for receiving and benefiting from money knowing the illegal origin of the money.

This investigation continues and new arrests and accusations are not ruled out according to the Guardia Civil.