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False parking documents

Officials are urging people who are using false mobility parking badges to think carefully about their actions and the effect it has on those who really are disabled.



The alert follows yet another batch of seizures of fake or photocopied cards as part of a continuing police crackdown.

In the space of just a few days, eleven fakes were discovered and so far this year, around 80 have been seized. In four of the cases, the cars were showing photocopies which officials say is illegal though owners have pointed out they did this because their originals were “worn out”.

Of the others, four were used by people who were not the holders and three others were detected being used by relatives of the holders of these documents.

Councilor for security,  said the cards of the original holders could be withdrawn and those using them fraudulently would be fined.

“The other side of this work is to make people understand the lack of solidarity of this behavior and the serious violation of the rights of people who need to park their car in that type of reserved parking lot, ” she said. “We must insist on awareness and enforce the law. “