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More Road works!

The work on the Puerto del Rosario-La Caldereta section, which has an approximate budget of more than 100 million euros, is part of the north-south axis project of Fuerteventura.

 This is one of the most ambitious works on the island, join more quickly and safely the 120 kilometers that separate the ports of Morro Jable and Corralejo. Pablo Rodríguez announces that, at the end of this year, more than 30% of this highway will be executed, "an infrastructure that has the purpose of structuring the socio-economic development of the island". Specifically, the project consists of the realization of a highway of regional interest that serves as a link between the new highway under construction, in its stretch La Caldereta-Corralejo, variant FV-1, with the ring road to Puerto del Rosario, the FV- 3, and its prolongation and continuity with the FV-2.

At the same time, the work involves doubling the roadway of the current FV-3 in about 4 kilometers, to continue south as a variant of the FV-2 until the new link with the airport, as detailed by the Regional Minister of Public Works.