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Regiment celebrates its 500th anniversary

The Light Infantry Regiment Soria 9,based in Puerto del Rosario since 1996, is celebrating 500 years of military history. The occasion of the military celebration has become a comprehensive program of events that will take place in the cities of Seville, Toledo, Soria, and Puerto del Rosario, all with the special significance that the regiment is considered the oldest in Europe. The regiment was created in 1509 by King Ferdinand V. During the seventeenth century the troops fought in Flanders, France and West German. In the eighteenth century the Regiment took part in the War of Succession in Flanders, and later moved to Spain to fight Portugal against their invasion. In 1711 they left the garrison in Soria, where they get their name. For the performance in the War of Spanish Succession and in the campaigns of Flanders, King Philip V gave them the right to wear a uniform. In the nineteenth century they took part in the War of Independence, War of Africa, Soviet War and the War in Cuba. Soria Regiment participated in the twentieth century in the African campaign with a battalion deployed in the areas of Larache and the Guerra Civil. The military group based in Fuerteventura has 500 soldiers, who are also involved in peace operations.