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Mountain Bike Race

Some 3,000 people participatedlast weekend in Fudenas 2018. The puddles and mud were the main obstacle of the 150-kilometer cycling route between Morro Jable and Corralejo.

Around eight o'clock on the Saturday morning, the from the Corralejo water park  1,439 people had registered, of which 1,384 were men and 55 were women. The race, which started around 9.00, was expected to be tougher than in previous years due to the slippery and treacherous mud  

At 6:00 pm, at the finish point in Morro Jable, the prizes for the race modality were handed out: in the men's category, Samuel Rodríguez (number 1,155), with a time of 5 hours, 39 minutes and 28 seconds; and, in the female category, to Hedvy Nagy (number 936), with 6 hours, 46 minutes and 31 seconds.

This year, for environmental reasons and security, there were important changes in the established circuit, especially in the north.  In Antigua, a base camp had been set up so that the participants of the two day race could camp overnight.